Lukashenko draws himself deeper into Putin’s war

bne IntelliNews October 6, 2022

Lukashenko has now officially admitted a certain participation by Belarus in Russia’s war in Ukraine, likely due to increased pressure from Putin for more political support. Now Lukashenko is drawing himself even deeper into Putin’s war.

NEMETHY: Is the world heading towards a “polycrisis”?

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors October 5, 2022

According to historian Adam Tooze, we are currently potentially facing a “polycrisis”: a number of smaller to medium-sized crises in the world that have the potential to combine and reinforce each other.

Russia strikes Kyiv Oblast with "Kamikaze" drones from Iran

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin October 5, 2022

‘Kamikaze’ drone attacks were reported 80 km from Kyiv in the city of Bila Tserkva on the night of October 4. The drones are allegedly part of the Iranian-made Shahed series, which Russia has used on the battlefields since September.

Central Asians targeted in Russia’s desperate mobilisation drive

Eurasianet October 5, 2022

Rights activists insist Central Asian labourers are being conned.

Head of National Bank of Ukraine resigns over health issues

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin October 5, 2022

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) resigned on October 4 citing health-related reasons.

OPINION: Ukraine refugee-internal displacement bond gains traction

Gary Kleiman of Kleiman Intl Consultants Inc October 4, 2022

Tailored offerings can bring in billions of dollars in commercial fresh money from both conventional and ESG/impact-oriented fund managers.

Russia prepares for new attacks against Ukraine from Belarusian territory

bne IntelliNews October 4, 2022

While last week's mobilisation scare from Belarus appears to be a false alarm, Belarus is helping Russia prepare for renewed attacks along the lines of Ukraine's border with Belarus.

Blue and yellow returns to Lyman, Borova and Mikhailivka as Ukraine liberates settlements in east and south

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin October 4, 2022

Ukrainian troops liberated several settlements over the weekend in the east, including a critical victory in the city of Lyman on 1 October, just days after Russia announced the annexation of Russian-controlled territories in Ukraine.

Putin signs off annexation of four Ukrainian regions

bne IntelliNews September 30, 2022

President Vladimir Putin has annexed the largest piece of territory in Europe since those taken by Adolf Hitler.

Russian men fleeing the draft are caught between suspected of being pro-Putin and Western closed-door policies

Denis Cenusa in Germany September 29, 2022

The partial mobilisation announced on September 21 by Russian leader Vladimir Putin has caused an unprecedented exodus of the Russian male population eligible for the draft. But do they support him and can they cross into the EU?

Georgia’s border clogged with thousands of Russians fleeing the Kremlin’s mobilisation

Mack Tubridy in Stepantsminda on the Russian-Georgian border September 29, 2022

After Vladimir Putin escalated the war in Ukraine with a mobilisation order, thousands of Russians are trying to enter Georgia to avoid being drafted and sent to the front lines in the war in Ukraine.

Meloni won the elections, but her programme won’t make Italy the next Hungary

Marco Cacciati in Berlin September 29, 2022

Giorgia Meloni, leader of the right-wing nationalist party, “Fratelli d’Italia” (FDI, “Brothers of Italy”), won a convincing victory in the general elections, but raised fears that the country will move closer to Moscow as a result.

More pain stored up for Emerging Europe in 2023

bne IntelliNews September 29, 2022

Government efforts to shield populations from the energy crisis and rampant inflation have shifted the economic impact to next year, says the EBRD as it downgrades GDP growth forecasts for 2023.

Germany says three out of four Nord Stream pipelines damaged beyond repair

bne IntelliNews September 29, 2022

The disabling of Nord Stream has spooked markets as it removes the possibility of resuming deliveries of gas in the depth of winter if an energy crisis becomes acute.

Russian oil exports still booming and the EU is still a major buyer

bne IntelliNews September 28, 2022

One of the side-effects of the EU stepping up imports of US oil is that it has increased European demand for Russian diesel.

Russia on track to have a record-smashing grain harvest

bne IntelliNews September 28, 2022

Russia is on track to smash all previous records with the size of this year’s grain harvest. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the bumper harvest could be as big as 150mn tonnes this year on September 27.

Secret report reveals top officials knew Bulgaria wouldn’t benefit from Balkan Stream

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia September 27, 2022

Sofia paid over €1.5bn for its section of the Balkan Stream pipeline, which has never delivered any gas to Bulgaria.

Ukrainian residents forced to vote at gunpoint in sham referenda to join Russia

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin September 25, 2022

Russia’s sham referenda in Ukraine’s occupied territories prove to be as undemocratic as predicted

US venture firm launches new fund with exclusive Ukrainian focus

East West Digital News in Kyiv September 25, 2022

Earlier this month ffVC, an international VC firm comprised of several funds in the US and Europe, announced the launch of a new fund exclusively dedicated to Ukrainian founders and startups.

Ukraine slashes ties with Iran in protest at drones supply to Russia

bne IntelIiNews September 24, 2022

Move comes after Ukrainian military claims to have downed four Iranian-made “kamikaze” unmanned aerial vehicles.