Ukraine recruiting war mercenaries from Tajikistan, Russia’s security council chief reported as saying

bne IntelliNews April 3, 2024

Nikolai Patrushev said to have claimed Kyiv is running the recruitment via an operation at its embassy in Dushanbe.

Nato chief proposes $100bn fund to aid Ukraine

bne IntelliNews April 3, 2024

Up to now voluntary Western support for Ukraine has been co-ordinated through the Ramstein group headed by the US.

CENUSA: Geopolitics prevails in the EU accession agenda for Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

Denis Cenusa April 3, 2024

The destabilisation of Eastern Europe created a paradigm shift in terms of EU enlargement.

Czech spy agency says pro-Kremlin media ring targets European Parliament elections in several states

Albin Sybera in Prague April 2, 2024

Far-right politicians across the EU have been promoted on the Voice of Europe media platform ahead of the European Parliament elections.

Putin calls up 150,000 more soldiers

bne IntelliNews April 1, 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed his annual spring conscription decree, calling up a new swathe of young Russians for compulsory military service.

Ukraine's banking sector to have another strong year

Ben Aris in Berlin April 1, 2024

Ukraine’s banking sector had a strong year in 2023, ending with a cumulative UAH85.5bn profit, despite taking a UAH44bn hit in December when the banks were forced to pay a 50% one-off tax on profits.

Poland and Ukraine inch closer to agri trade deal

bne IntelliNews March 29, 2024

Trade dispute has sparked farmer protests in Poland and strained bilateral relations.

EU declines to transfer €5bn from frozen Russian assets to Ukraine

bne IntelliNews March 29, 2024

The EU has opted against transferring €5bn to Ukraine from the proceeds derived from frozen assets of the Russian Federation, a decision likely to stoke controversy amidst heightened tensions between the EU and Russia.

Sanctioned sister of billionaire Usmanov waives right to benefit from family trusts

Ben Aris in Berlin March 28, 2024

The sanctioned sister of Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has voluntarily and irrevocably waived her right to receive benefits from two family trusts set up years ago by the Uzbek-born tycoon in a bid to have sanctions on her lifted.

COMMENT: Overheating in Russia and Turkey, but CEE recovering

Ben Aris in Berlin March 27, 2024

The economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), which experienced a period of stagnation last year, are poised for a modest revival in 2024, but both the Russian and Turkish economies are already overheating.

EU tariffs on Russian grain imports to the EU will have little impact

Ben Aris in Berlin March 25, 2024

The introduction on high tariffs on the import of Russian grain to the EU will have virtually no impact, as the volume of Russian grain arriving in the EU is so small and is not worth a lot of money.

THE BELL: Russians have never lived as well as they do today

The Bell March 24, 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin would have probably won the elections even if they had been free and fair, as Russians have never lived as well as they do today. The economy would have powered Putin to victory.

Bulgaria moves closer to deal on selling Russian-made reactors to Ukraine

bne IntelliNews March 24, 2024

Reactors originally intended for Belene NPP project now likely to sold to Ukraine to compensate for loss of Zaporizhzhia NPP to Russia.

Almost 1.5mn Ukrainians plunged into darkness as Russia targets power infrastructure

bne IntelliNews March 24, 2024

Almost 1.5mn Ukrainians were plunged into darkness over the weekend as Russia continued what has been described as the biggest barrage of missile strikes against its energy infrastructure since the start of the war over two years ago.

Putin links Ukraine to Moscow terror attack

bne IntelliNews March 23, 2024

Speaking on March 23, 18 hours after the attack that killed at least 115 and wounded hundreds more, Putin stated that the gunmen responsible for the shooting had been caught, and claimed that they were in a car on the way to the Ukrainian border.

Russia to begin new mobilisation for siege of Kharkiv, say reports

bne IntelliNews March 23, 2024

Russia's Defence Ministry is reportedly gearing up for a significant escalation in the conflict in Ukraine, with plans to deploy an additional 300,000 troops, according to sources cited by the independent outlet Verstka.

Ukraine’s power infrastructure in danger from Russian missile barrage

Ben Aris in Berlin March 23, 2024

Ukraine suffered a second day of intense bombing of its power stations, plunging half a dozen regions into darkness, as the Kremlin tries to take advantage of Kyiv’s dwindling supply of air defence ammo.

Kremlin calls conflict with Ukraine ‘war’ for first time

bne IntelliNews March 22, 2024

For the first time, the Kremlin has called the conflict in Ukraine a “war.” Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted the fight was a war in an interview with a leading Russian newspaper, using the word that until now was illegal.

US urges G7 to issue $50bn bonds backed by CBR frozen money income, EU agrees to seize the profits

bne IntelliNews March 22, 2024

The US has urged its G7 allies to issue a $50bn bond backed by the profits earned from the $300bn of frozen Central Bank of Russia (CBR) money held in Europe.

An epic insurance brawl over Russia’s seizure of planes is going nowhere

bne IntelliNews March 21, 2024

An epic brawl in the aviation insurance business is going nowhere as Western firms try to recover something from the Russian government, which seized billions of dollars’ worth of leased planes impounded by Russia.