Georgia’s leading commercial bank TBC moves into Uzbekistan

Ben Aris in Berlin April 16, 2019

The biggest bank in Georgia TBC is to arrive in Uzbekistan by buying local payment service Payme. It is acquiring a 51% stake for $5.5mn.

Prospect of Georgia’s flagship Anaklia port project returning to state hands raised by minister

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest March 22, 2019

Infrastructure officials claim deep sea port investors face financing headache. Sceptics will ponder possible links to TBC Bank probe.

Georgia sets out to wow China with Black Sea trade nexus dream

Emil Avdaliani in Tbilisi March 20, 2019

Progress in delivering Anaklia Deep Sea Port and other big investments could make small nation indispensable to Belt and Road infrastructure plans.

COLCHIS: Brexit’s Risks and Opportunities for the Eastern Partnership

Alexander Nice of the Eurasia Democratic Security Network March 13, 2019

Barring any last-minute drama, the United Kingdom will cease to be a member of the European Union on March 29, 2019. Brexit will cause problems for the Eastern Partnership programme, but it will also open a new door as "European" changes its meaning

Goodbye, blue sky?

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest and Will Conroy in Prague. March 12, 2019

Georgia’s reputation as a good place to do business is under pressure. Intrigue surrounding TBC Bank and an attack on officials by a business chamber are worrying investors.