Europe unlikely to tackle Russian LNG imports anytime soon

Newsbase April 23, 2024

The European Parliament voted in favour of rules earlier this month that would enable individual EU member states to block Russian LNG imports, by preventing Russian companies from booking capacity at gas infrastructure.

Future of Emerging Europe’s hybrid regimes hangs in the balance

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow April 23, 2024

With Emerging Europe increasingly polarised between democracies and authoritarian states, it is unclear in which direction the hybrid regimes – which fall between the two camps – will go, says Freedom House.

US passes Ukraine aid package: what now?

Ben Aris in Berlin April 21, 2024

The US stepped forward to rescue Ukraine on April 21 that has been staring defeat in the face, and not a moment too soon. But the aid won't solve many of Ukraine's remaining problems nor will it allow Kyiv to win the war.

EXPLAINER: Who are Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Forces hit in alleged Israeli strike?

bne Gulf bureau April 20, 2024

In the early hours of April 20, Iraq's security force, the Popular Mobilisation Forces military base at Kalso was reportedly struck by Israeli missiles.

Don't mention the "D" word - Ukraine

Ben Aris in Berlin April 20, 2024

No one wants to mention the “D” word. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to pretend that Ukraine is not losing and getting closer to being defeated in the war with Russia.

PANNIER: Gulf investment commitments to Central Asia rival sums once pledged by China

Bruce Pannier April 19, 2024

Since Russia lost leverage in the region after invading Ukraine, many countries have sought to fill the gap. In terms of pledged capital, the Arab nations have become big players.

Ukraine cattle and dairy industry in decline due to war, but expected to stabilize in 2024

bne IntelliNews April 19, 2024

Many of Ukraine’s cows have found themselves on the front line and some have been killed or were simply slaughtered when their owners fled the country to escape the invading Russian forces in 2022.

Will the Baku-Supsa pipeline become Azerbaijan's second oil export artery?

Seymur Mammadov in Baku April 19, 2024

Despite the global "green transition," predictions of decreasing demand for fossil fuels have not yet been realized. And sanctions imposed on Russia are rewriting energy export routes.

Remittances come to the rescue of Lebanon’s battered economy

Fin DePencier in Beruit April 18, 2024

Lebanon has always found a way to bounce back. But past performance is no guarantee of future results, and the last few years have pushed the small Mediterranean country to the brink.

Russia’s economy stabilising but growth to slow – CBR macro survey

bne IntelliNews April 18, 2024

Russia’s economy is stabilising with the spread in predictions of what’s coming later this year narrowing, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) reported in its monthly macroeconomic survey. However, growth will also slow this year to 2.1%.

Eurasia has 20 major petrochemical projects underway worth over $200bn to double plastics production

Ben Aris in Berlin April 18, 2024

Eurasia has 20 major petrochemical projects underway worth over $200bn to double plastics production.

AI and cybersecurity to drive CEE tech sector

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow April 18, 2024

PwC and CEE Digital Coalition believe the Central and Eastern Europe region has the potential to create the EU’s Silicon Valley.

Baltic states aim to go nuclear but have to wait

Linas Jegelevicius in Tallinn April 18, 2024

The three Baltic states – which have had no nuclear reactors since the closure of Lithuania’s Soviet-designed Ignalina plant 15 years ago – are now all looking at small modular reactor technology.

Slovak presidential campaign showed how populists can dominate the narrative to mobilise support

Albin Sybera April 17, 2024

Government candidate Peter Pellegrini used trumped-up messages of fear channelled through social media networks.

Fresh evidence suggests that the April 2022 Istanbul peace deal to end the war in Ukraine was stillborn

Ben Aris in Berlin April 17, 2024

Fresh evidence indicates that the peace deal was probably too ambitious and, by failing to include the West in the talks, was stillborn.

Russia's finance ministry re-engineers tax system

Ben Aris in Berlin April 16, 2024

By tinkering with the tax system, the Russian Ministry of Finance has created enough cash to pay for the war in Ukraine.

Croatia faces showdown between president and PM in April 17 general election

bne IntelliNews April 16, 2024

President Milanovic and PM Plenkovic take each other on over Russia stance and corruption scandals

TEL AVIV BLOG: Experiences on the ground in Israel as Iran strikes

Mathew Cohen in Tel Aviv April 14, 2024

Since October 7, tension has gripped the air in Israel with a tighter grasp than I’ve ever experienced in previous conflicts.

Iran vs Israel: Who is better equipped for war?

bne IntelliNews April 13, 2024

The spark has been lit, and the drumbeats of war are sounding in the tumultuous Middle East.

How much damage can Ukraine’s drone attacks on Russian oil refineries do?

Ben Aris in Berlin April 13, 2024

Since the beginning of the year, Ukrainian drones have attacked over two dozen Russian oil refineries and several oil depots in the first sustained campaign against Russia’s oil product producing facilities.