Russian sanctions fifth anniversary, but no reason to celebrate

Gunter Deuber of Raiffeisen Research in Vienna, Ruslan Gadeev of Raiffeisen Research in Vienna August 14, 2019

This summer mark the fifth anniversary of Western sanctions against Russia. But taking a quick look at Russian economic and financial sector indicators and you'd wonder if the sanctions are still in place.

COMMENT: Romania's inflation above 4% again

ING August 13, 2019

At 4.1% y/y, Romania's July inflation will probably be the highest print for the year, ING analysts write.

ING: Czech Republic: Surprising fall in industry

ING Think August 7, 2019

Industrial output fell by 6.4% y/y in June after over 3% growth in previous months. Though subject to calendar effects and other one-off factors, the weaker result also underlines that Czech industry is not immune to the German industrial slowdown.

TURKEY INSIGHT: Awesome, surreal!

Akin Nazli in Belgrade August 1, 2019

Top officials say it’s all starting to come together for the Turkish economy. So why are some observers sniggering at the back?

MACRO ADVISORY: August in Russia: What could possibly go wrong?

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory  July 31, 2019

Christmas Day has the Queen’s speech and Easter Day brings the Pope’s Urbi et Orbi. In Russia, it has become a late July tradition amongst Russia watchers to remind ourselves that August is the month when things tend to blow up.

COMMENT: Tackling Ukraine’s health crisis requires emergency reforms

bne IntelliNews July 30, 2019

Volodymyr Zelensky realizes his country faces daunting challenges in the health sector. When the Ukrainian president’s campaign promised improved hospitals, increased doctor pay, free medical exams, and healthier lifestyles, it was not pandering but

MOSCOW BLOG: Kremlin ups its game with police violence at Moscow protests

Ben Aris in Berlin July 29, 2019

Response threatens to radicalise protestors, unite opposition in way not yet achieved. Largest number of arrests in a protest to date. Putin playing with fire, say analysts. Kremlin makes it clear violence is now standard response to protest.

MACRO ADVISER: Quiet evolution is better than noisy revolution

Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisory July 23, 2019

Russia is in the midst of a quiet but steady evolution in monetary, fiscal and industrial policy that could very well be the catalyst for the next phase of meaningful economic growth.

ALACO DISPATCHES: Why Brussels is unnerved by China’s Balkan overtures

Yigal Chazan of Alaco July 23, 2019

Beijing sees the former Yugoslavia as a key element of its plan for greater access to European markets, but its investments in the region are a mixed blessing.

ANALYSIS: Telling moment as Trump says it's getting harder for him to want to make a deal with Iran

bne IntelliNews July 22, 2019

Brazen, impertinent and contemptuous response by Tehran to Washington’s “economic war” just might have rattled US president.

COMMENT: Ukraine’s slow but steady westward trade path

Iana Dreyer of Borderlex in Paris July 18, 2019

Five years after the Maidan revolution, the DCFTA between the EU and Ukraine is turning out to be an important vehicle in the East European country’s gradual economic decoupling from Russia. It is also buttressing the its slow but steady reform path.