Tajikistan: Rogun dam budget spiral to make authorities sweat

Eurasianet February 20, 2024

Environmentalists are urging financial institutions to demand more assessments before giving any more money.

Amazon faces “tipping point”, say researchers

by Roberta Harrington in Los Angeles February 20, 2024

The Amazon rainforest could face “large-scale collapse” by 2050, says new research.

Perspectives | Clock is ticking as Central Asia confronts water calamity

Sanat Kushkumbayev for Eurasianet February 19, 2024

Stakeholders need to collaborate, tackle waste and address the elephant in the room: Afghanistan.

Analysis finds months-long methane mega-leak in Kazakhstan

bne IntelliNews February 19, 2024

One of the worst such releases ever recorded said to have been caused when a blowout ignited a fire that burned for over six months.

Warm, dry winter signals escalating climate challenge in Afghanistan

bne IntelliNews February 18, 2024

Afghanistan is already grappling with its worst drought in three decades, contributing to the deep economic slump.

World must invest $8 trillion in renewables by 2030 to meet COP28 goal

by Roberta Harrington in Los Angeles February 14, 2024

Investment of as much as $8 trillion in renewable energy and half of that in grids and storage is required to meet the goal of tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030, as agreed at COP28 in Dubai in December.

Warning of new ice age in Europe as currents in the Atlantic approach a catastrophic tipping point

Ben Aris in Berlin February 14, 2024

The currents that circulate in the Atlantic are approaching a “tipping point” that will change the way water flows around the oceans of the world, which will have a catastrophic climate impact on countries around the world.

Ukraine prepares to export biogas to Europe

bne IntelliNews February 13, 2024

Ukrainian authorities are poised to venture into the burgeoning market of biogas exports to Europe.

Hydrogen production and demand to grow in 2024, but only slowly

bne IntelliNews February 12, 2024

Hydrogen production and use are expected to grow in 2024, but it remains very expensive to produce and transport, making progress slow.

Oil and gas companies to invest over $1 trillion in the next decade expanding production

bne IntelliNews February 12, 2024

A report from climate campaign group Global Witness reveals that the fossil fuel sector is anticipated to allocate more than $1 trillion worldwide over the next decade for the expansion of natural gas production.

Will 2024 see the first ever category 6 hurricane?

Ben Aris in Berlin February 11, 2024

Disaster season is approaching and this year the world could see its first ever city-killing category six hurricanes.

Kazakhstan prioritising water management measures in 2024

Eurasianet February 9, 2024

Issue emerging as top regional policy item on agenda for Astana.

Massive hydrogen reservoir discovered under chromium mine in Albania

bne IntelliNews February 9, 2024

The reservoir beneath the Bulqizë mine is estimated to hold as much as 55,000 tonnes of hydrogen.

Earth has already passed 1.5 degrees warming, says study

by Roberta Harrington in Los Angeles February 7, 2024

The Earth may have passed 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming and in fact could soon reach 2 degrees, say international researchers who studied 300-year-old sea sponges in the Caribbean.

Biden suspends four LNG export licences to burnish his green credentials

Ben Aris in Berlin January 30, 2024

The Biden administration has temporarily frozen approvals of all new licences for the export of US LNG to assess their environmental impact in a move that could disrupt global energy markets.

Serbia signs €2bn renewable energy deal with Chinese companies

bne IntelliNews January 27, 2024

Agreement signed with Shanghai Fengling Renewables and Serbia Zijin Copper is the start of Serbia's largest-ever renewable energy project.

NEO: EU green ambitions under siege amid Red Sea crisis, Russian aluminium ban fears

NEO January 26, 2024

The EU has long positioned itself as a global champion of green energy and the world’s battle against climate change but the Red Sea Crisis and a mooted ban on Russian aluminium imports are undermining those goals.

Watchdog group pushes for fresh impact study on Tajikistan megaproject

Eurasianet January 25, 2024

Existing study for Rogun Dam’s impact is outdated.

Low-emissions electricity to outpace demand increase for next three years at least

by Roberta Harrington in Los Angeles January 24, 2024

Low-emissions electricity generation will outpace robust electricity demand growth for the next three years. This is because renewables are growing rapidly and nuclear power is on track to reach a new all-time high in 2025, says a new IEA report.

INTERVIEW: Renewables company Notus expands in Southeast Europe

Clare Nuttall in Pristina January 22, 2024

Notus Energy is expanding in Southeast Europe after successfully building Kosovo’s largest wind farm.