PANNIER: Russia is pushing Turkmenistan out of the natural gas market

Bruce Pannier May 24, 2024

Moscow’s moves to take over Central Asian pipeline capacity for deliveries to China might explain unusual urgency in the Turkmen search for new customers.

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan taking action to curb sorcery and charlatanism

Eurasianet May 24, 2024

Fortune-telling now a criminal act in Dushanbe.

“Silent demise” of world’s vast rangelands threatens food supply of billions, warns UNCCD report

bne IntelliNews May 21, 2024

Sixty-plus experts examine degradation caused by land overuse and misuse, climate change and biodiversity loss.

1,200 Pakistani students at Kyrgyzstan International University leave country after mob violence shock

bne IntelliNews May 20, 2024

Investigation into mass disorder and incitement of ethnic and racial hatred launched. But officials under fire for pointing finger at "illegal migrants".

Pakistan repatriates 180 citizens after mob violence in Bishkek leaves 29 injured

bne IntelliNews May 19, 2024

Kyrgyz government issues apology following claims authorities were slow to respond to situation and protect international students.

EBRD 2024: Geopolitics forces dramatic shifts in Emerging Europe trade patterns

Clare Nuttall in Yerevan May 15, 2024

EBRd report finds sanctions and trade disruptions have led to transformations in trade patterns across the Emerging Europe and Central Asia region.

EBRD2024: EBRD expects Emerging Europe growth boost in 2024, but slightly lowers forecast

Clare Nuttall in Yerevan May 15, 2024

Development bank makes downward revision in latest forecasts after worse than expected Q1 figures for Central Europe.

Transit fee rivals Russia, Kazakhstan “happy” China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway not progressing

bne IntelliNews May 13, 2024

Beijing appears deterred by cost and geopolitical considerations, but if realised “CKU” would open up shortest China-Europe rail route.

Relokanty: Is Russia’s loss Central Asia’s gain?

Marsha McGraw Olive May 8, 2024

Maximising the benefits of Russia’s surprising exodus.

PANNIER: Kazakhstan helping to get wheels turning on Afghanistan railway projects

Bruce Pannier May 2, 2024

Growing optimism on ambitions to link Central Asia via Afghan territory to Pakistan’s Arabian Sea ports, the Gulf and Iran.

Russia doesn’t like taking a back seat to China in Central Asia trade

Eurasianet May 1, 2024

But domestic economic woes may be slowing Beijing’s exports.

It’s no slip-up, there are almost no bananas in Turkmenistan

bne IntelliNews April 27, 2024

Analysis shows Turkmens consume less than one banana per person per year.

Germany charges seven Central Asians with forming terror group

bne IntelliNews April 25, 2024

Five are Tajik nationals. Headache for Rahmon regime with Tajikistan looking increasingly like a major recruiting ground for international terrorists.

Unstable dams mean Chernobyl-scale nuclear disaster threatens Central Asia’s Fergana valley

bne IntelliNews April 23, 2024

Studies show Soviet-era radioactive waste disposal facilities became unreliable following 2017 landslide.

Central Asia: Welcome to the “opportunity zone”

bne IntelliNews April 23, 2024

The Great Game’s got a new name.

UK’s Cameron addresses British “lack of seriousness” in Central Asia with five-day tour

bne IntelliNews April 22, 2024

Urges region’s five nations to tackle shadow trading equipping Russian war machine. Awkward fact is that much of the trade is made up of redirected deliveries from Britain.

PANNIER: Gulf investment commitments to Central Asia rival sums once pledged by China

Bruce Pannier April 19, 2024

Since Russia lost leverage in the region after invading Ukraine, many countries have sought to fill the gap. In terms of pledged capital, the Arab nations have become big players.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Cautionary tale as onion prices crash amid glut on a "tragic" scale

Tawney Kruger in Tashkent April 18, 2024

Farmers who rushed for promised profits floored across the region.

Eurasia has 20 major petrochemical projects underway worth over $200bn to double plastics production

Ben Aris in Berlin April 18, 2024

Eurasia has 20 major petrochemical projects underway worth over $200bn to double plastics production.

Kyrgyzstan to hit TikTok with access curbs “to protect kids’ mental health”

bne IntelliNews April 17, 2024

Targeting of social media favourite follows regime’s moves against news outlets, civil society and opposition politicians.