Slump in remittances to be twice as deep in CEE/Eurasia as during Great Recession

bne IntelliNews April 23, 2020

Global remittances are heading for the worst slump in recent history, with the steepest fall forecast for the Europe and Central Asia region, says a World Bank study.

IMF to the rescue

bne IntelliNews April 16, 2020

The stop-shock caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought economies around the world to a screeching halt. 85 countires have turned to the IMF, the lender of last resort, for help

World Bank 2020 ‘COVID-19’ forecast sees Kazakh GDP shrinking, meagre growth in other ‘Stans’

Kanat Shaku in Almaty April 10, 2020

Pandemic a “severe disruption” to Uzbekistan’s transition to a market economy. Kyrgyzstan vulnerable to Russian slowdown. Tajikistan’s economy grew by 7.5% last year, but can now expect only 1.7% or lower this year.

Who is most exposed to remittances stop-shock?

bne IntelliNews April 9, 2020

The global crisis has caused an all-time record $83bn to flee emerging markets, but for the poorest countries the problem is not investors making for the door – but the sudden halt to the cash their migrant workers send home.

EBRD reveals CEE/Eurasia economies’ vulnerability to external shocks amid coronavirus crisis

bne IntelIiNews April 1, 2020

Development bank looks at the resilience of states in the region to falling commodity prices, value chain disruption, declines in tourism and domestic disruption.