IMF Blog: Frontier market borrowing binge

International Monetary Fund November 25, 2019

Rock bottom global interest rates have been a boon for so-called frontier-market countries, which have been able to borrow cheaply to finance their development needs. But there can be too much of a good thing

Tajikistan keeps budget afloat on $1.1bn bed of debt

Kamila Ibragimova of Eurasianet November 22, 2019

The plan is to raise the credit on preferential terms.

COMMENT: Delivering for Dushanbe, now is the time to open the country

Eric Hontz Senior Program Officer Europe and Eurasia at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) in Dushanbe November 22, 2019

Walking down Rudaki Avenue, in the heart of the Tajik capital of Dushanbe the roads have been fixed, but there are few people on the street and even fewer businesses

Central Asia’s electricity network – underpowered and fragmented

Ben Aris in Berlin October 21, 2019

Power planners were left with major headaches when the demise of the Soviet Union caused all Central Asian Power System (CAPS) member states to scramble to remake their grids along national lines. However, pan-region ideas are now back in fashion.

Tajikistan’s massive Rogun hydropower dam: a blessing or a curse?

Ben Aris in Berlin October 18, 2019

Poorest Central Asian nation Tajikistan is in danger of defaulting on its first ever Eurobond as the construction of the giant Rogun hydropower dam gobbles up scarce resources.