Baltic States

COMMENT: The Three Seas Initiative's digital imperative

Dominykas Tuckus in Vilnius April 12, 2024

While digital infrastructure in the region is growing, support infrastructure designed to handle the growth in demand is what requires investment.

IEA: Methane emissions at an all-time high need to be reduced by 75% by 2030 at a cost of $170bn

International Energy Agency April 11, 2024

Methane emissions are 80 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. Rather than falling, they are currently at an all-time high and rising. The IEA says they need to fall by 75% by 2030 if the Paris Accord targets are going to be met.

The EU is preparing a new, fourteenth package of sanctions

Ben Aris in Berlin April 11, 2024

The EU is preparing a new fourteenth package of sanctions that is slated for adoption in the coming months, but is unlikely to introduce any new products and will focus mostly on enforcing the existing thirteen rounds of sanctions.

Where Nato has an enhanced forward presence

bne IntelliNews April 10, 2024

On Monday, 8 April, Germany sent an advance team of 20 soldiers to Lithuania, laying the groundwork for the recently discussed establishment of a permanent brigade in the Nato country, Statista reports.

Europe exits the winter heating season with record gas stocks

Newsbase April 9, 2024

The EU has exited the heating season with a record volume of gas in storage, following another mild winter and as a result of reduced industrial demand and a concerted effort by policymakers to boost stockpiles.

Grid bottlenecks on the way in Europe?

Anna Fleck for Statista April 9, 2024

A new analysis by the energy think-tank Ember has found that several countries in Europe could soon face bottlenecks in their national transmission energy grids, as more solar and wind power will be generated than these networks have capacity for.

Summer starts as EU gas tanks start to fill again

Ben Aris in Berlin April 8, 2024

Winter is over, as the EU gas tanks switch from withdrawals to filling mode again in preparation for next winter. Injection into the gas tanks started on April 1, a week earlier than in 2023 and started at an all-time high record level of 59.3% full.

Where is green tech made in Europe?

Ben Aris in Berlin April 1, 2024

Europe is home to more than 400 clean tech manufacturing plants, but the distribution is uneven and a few large countries dominate the business of making equipment needed to produce green energy sources.

INTERVIEW: Nobel Peace Prize nominee Olga Karatch on the squandered chance to change Belarus

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius April 1, 2024

After failing to oust Alexander Lukashenko in the 2020 presidential election, Belarus’ exiled opposition politicians are divided and increasingly unwelcome in neighbouring Lithuania.

Latvia’s foreign minister resigns over private jet scandal

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius March 28, 2024

Krisjanis Karins, formerly prime minister of Latvia, enjoyed a lavish lifestyle while in the PM office, using private jets for 32 foreign trips.

COMMENT: Overheating in Russia and Turkey, but CEE recovering

Ben Aris in Berlin March 27, 2024

The economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), which experienced a period of stagnation last year, are poised for a modest revival in 2024, but both the Russian and Turkish economies are already overheating.

Lukashenko contradicts Putin on Crocus City terrorists, threatens to invade Baltics

bne IntelliNews March 27, 2024

In Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko’s latest bombastic rant, he contradicted Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying the four terrorists fleeing the killing spree in the Crocus City Hall mall were headed towards Belarus not Ukraine.

UBN: Russia could take the Baltic states in 48 hours

Andrew Pryma of UBN in Kyiv March 21, 2024

Russian forces must only make an offensive push for 250km to cut the Baltic states from Europe.

Only seven countries meet WHO air pollution guideline

by Roberta Harrington in Los Angeles March 19, 2024

IQAir’s 6th Annual World Air Quality Report reveals “troubling details” of the world's most polluted countries, territories and regions in 2023.

A surprise EU proposal to expand agricultural ”emergency brake” import restrictions will cost Ukraine €1.7bn

Ben Aris in Berlin March 19, 2024

EU countries have overnight agreed to impose new restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural imports that will cost the cash strapped country €1.7bn and hurt its ability to fight the war against Russia.

KYIV BLOG: EU finalises €5bn Ukraine Peace Fund contribution that will see little new money sent to Kyiv

bne IntelliNews March 18, 2024

EU ambassadors agreed to back a new €5bn Ukraine Assistance Fund on March 13, part of the EU's off-budget European Peace Facility (EPF) that is used to partially reimburse member countries for the weapons they provide to Ukraine.

Europe has €56bn shortfall to meet Nato 2% of GDP spending pledge

bne IntelliNews March 18, 2024

European nations within Nato are facing a €56bn shortfall in meeting the alliance's defence spending pledge of 2% of GDP this year, the Financial Times reported on March 16.

Navalny chief of staff attacked with hammer

bne IntelliNews March 13, 2024

Leonid Volkov, the former chief of staff of Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny, was violently assaulted near his residence in Vilnius on March 12.

Ukraine becomes world's 4th largest arms importer, European imports soar

bne IntelliNews March 12, 2024

European arms imports were up by 94% in 2019-23, as Ukraine's allies send military aid while also arming themselves, says new SIPRI report.

CENUSA: Europe needs to reduce the risks of destabilisation in its eastern neighbourhood

Denis Cenusa in Giessen March 8, 2024

Candidate states for EU accession such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia remain in a zone of insecurity where Russia can intervene minimally in a hybrid way.