Bosnia & Herzegovina

Far-right gains in Europe pose challenge for EU enlargement

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow June 14, 2024

Analysts warn growing influence of far-right and Eurosceptic parties at EU and national level could complicate efforts to integrate new member states.

Bilateral disputes loom large over EU accession process

bne IntelliNews June 7, 2024

Member states using their veto power to demand concessions from candidate countries is a problem the EU has to tackle.

Bosnia stops citizens of states that backed UN Srebrenica resolution from voting in European Parliament elections

bne IntelliNews June 5, 2024

Bosnian Serb ministers reject requests to allow citizens of Romania, Slovenia and Poland in Bosnia to vote in the European Parliament elections.

Saudi STC Group reportedly eyes purchase of United Group

bne IntelliNews June 4, 2024

Potential deal could value United Group, owner of telecoms and pay-TV channels across Southeast Europe, at around €8bn.

Ukraine war created “arc of instability” from Balkans to Caucasus

bne IntelliNews May 31, 2024

Armenia, Bosnia, Georgia, Moldova and Serbia are increasingly vulnerable and unstable, says a report published by Carnegie Europe.

Bosnia on the verge of falling apart warns Crisis Group

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 28, 2024

NGO says Bosnia is at its most fragile moment in years due to the secession efforts of Republika Srpska.

Bosnia’s Republika Srpska quietly drops plans for “foreign agents” law

bne IntelliNews May 28, 2024

Draft law similar to controversial legislation in Russia and Georgia scrapped by Bosnian Serb entity with no explanation.

UN General Assembly adopts resolution on Srebrenica genocide

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 23, 2024

Bosnian Serb leader says he plans "peaceful separation" of Republika Srpska from Bosnia after resolution passed at UN General Assembly session.

UN Srebrenica resolution sets Balkan politicians at loggerheads

bne IntelliNews May 21, 2024

UN General Assembly to debate resolution declaring a day of remembrance for the Srebrenica genocide in Bosnia & Herzegovina this week.

Tensions rise ahead of UN debate on Srebrenica resolution

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 19, 2024

Draft resolution to declare July 11 the International Day of Remembrance of the Srebrenica Genocide, but is strongly opposed by Serbia and Bosnia's Republika Srpska.

EBRD2024: EBRD expects Emerging Europe growth boost in 2024, but slightly lowers forecast

Clare Nuttall in Yerevan May 15, 2024

Development bank makes downward revision in latest forecasts after worse than expected Q1 figures for Central Europe.

Bridging economies: The catalyst role of low-cost cross-border payment transfers in the Western Balkans

Xiaoqing Yu of the World Bank May 14, 2024

Exorbitant international B2B payment transfers are a barrier to cross-border trade for enterprises in the Western Balkans, a World Bank analysis shows.

Western Balkans urged to embrace renewable energy for district heating

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow May 14, 2024

Fossil fuels are still being burned in district heating networks across the Western Balkans, despite the pressing need to prepare for the transition to green energy, finds a Bankwatch report.

Think-tank warns UN vote on Srebrenica genocide could trigger Republika Srpska’s secession from Bosnia

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 7, 2024

Hudson Institute says move towards secession could in turn spark broader ethnic conflicts in Balkans.

Serbs see Russians as main ally, US as biggest threat

bne IntelliNews May 3, 2024

IRI’s Western Balkan survey also reveals Albanians and Kosovars most committed to EU and Nato membership; support flagging in other countries.

Russia already treating Bosnia’s Republika Srpska as an independent state

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia April 25, 2024

Use of Republika Srpska’s flag alongside national flags at St Petersburg conference seen as a possible green light by Russia for Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik’s secession plans.

CEE recovering but no full rebound in sight, says wiiw

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow April 25, 2024

Germany’s slow recovery is dampening growth prospects for Central and Southeast European economies.

Future of Emerging Europe’s hybrid regimes hangs in the balance

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow April 23, 2024

With Emerging Europe increasingly polarised between democracies and authoritarian states, it is unclear in which direction the hybrid regimes – which fall between the two camps – will go, says Freedom House.

Parliament of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska passes resolution denying Srebrenica genocide

bne IntelliNews April 19, 2024

Bosnian Serb politicians have repeatedly pushed against Bosnia’s state-level legislation, which stipulates that denying the Srebrenica genocide is a crime.

US senators seek closer ties with Western Balkans to combat Russia's 'malign influence'

bne IntelliNews April 18, 2024

Members of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations warned of the risk of destabilisation in the Western Balkans since the start of Russia’s war in Ukraine.