ECA50 releases its debut regional frontier equity index of the 50 largest publicly traded companies

ECA50 February 20, 2024

ECA50 Plc developed its debut regional equity index of the 50 largest public companies in the frontier Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region.

Azerbaijani automotive industry motoring ahead

Seymur Mammadov in Baku Ben Aris in Berlin February 20, 2024

Russian automaker AvtoVaz is moving into Azerbaijan and in talks to set up the large-scale assembly of its famous Lada family of vehicles in the country.

Perspectives | Clock is ticking as Central Asia confronts water calamity

Sanat Kushkumbayev for Eurasianet February 19, 2024

Stakeholders need to collaborate, tackle waste and address the elephant in the room: Afghanistan.

Who produces oil and gas in Uzbekistan?

Newsbase February 19, 2024

Uzbekistan is not a major exporter of energy resources, unlike neighbouring Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, though it is home to quite substantial hydrocarbon resources.

Tashkent Stock Exchange raising its game on marked gains in reform and retail

Odil Musaev February 10, 2024

Delving into pivotal shifts of Uzbekistan's capital market seen throughout 2023, Odil Musaev, managing director at investment banking boutique Alkes Research, offers some insights.

PANNIER: Russia the loser as wider world of migrant work opens up to Uzbek citizens

Bruce Pannier February 9, 2024

Germany, South Korea and Israel look to Uzbekistan to fill 160,000 or more job vacancies. Tashkent likely keen to diversify sources of remittances.

Kazakhstan prioritising water management measures in 2024

Eurasianet February 9, 2024

Issue emerging as top regional policy item on agenda for Astana.

Uzbekistan: Car buyers turning to foreign brands

Eurasianet February 8, 2024

China’s automakers are easily dominating market share for imports. Almost 80% of foreign-bought vehicles arrived from there in 2023.

PANNIER: Response to Bishkek thermal power plant explosion lifts lid on Central Asia relations

Bruce Pannier February 6, 2024

And what’s seen is quite encouraging.

The EU joins the global transport competition, proposes a Trans-Caspian Transport Corridor

Ben Aris in Berlin February 6, 2024

The global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, rising tensions between China and the West and the increasingly fractured world has forced the global economy to remake its major transport routes. Now the EU is getting in on the game.

Uzum Market ranked as most downloaded local app in Uzbekistan

IntelliNews Press Release Service Ben Aris in Berlin February 1, 2024

Uzum Market ranked as the most popular local app in Uzbekistan in 2023, with over 13.5 million cumulative downloads registered over the last year.

Uzbekistan’s e-commerce market leader Uzum Market the most downloaded app in 2023

Ben Aris in Berlin February 1, 2024

Uzbekistan’s Uzum Market has emerged as the top local app in the country for 2023, surpassing the likes of Telegram and Instagram with over 13.5mn downloads in the past year, the company said in a press release on February 1.

Corruption Perception Index “paints troubling picture” of Central Asia

bne IntelliNews January 30, 2024

Though Uzbekistan is hailed as a “significant improver”, Transparency International says region as a whole struggling with “dysfunctional rule of law, rising authoritarianism and systemic corruption”.

China shaping Central Asia into auto export hub

Eurasianet January 30, 2024

Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev hopes that a new BYD plant in his country will before long be able to produce 300,000 cars per year.

Report urges US to step up push for big share of Central Asia’s rare earths prize

bne IntelliNews January 28, 2024

Americans should make their move before China looks to corner sector, experts say. The soft heavy metals are important to the green energy revolution and some latest weapons systems.

China and Uzbekistan upgrade ties to “all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership”

Tawney Kruger in Tashkent January 26, 2024

Gone is the plainer “comprehensive strategic partnership”. What could it realistically mean?

OUTLOOK 2024 Uzbekistan

bne IntelliNews January 25, 2024

Uzbekistan, under President Shavkat Mirziyoyev's leadership since 2016, has undergone a notable transformation. Once a pariah, the country has opened up to the rest of the world and he has begun the work of regional integration.

Watchdog group pushes for fresh impact study on Tajikistan megaproject

Eurasianet January 25, 2024

Existing study for Rogun Dam’s impact is outdated.

Uzbekistan: President lambasts failure to achieve export boom

Eurasianet January 23, 2024

Fully half of Uzbekistan’s exports go to just four markets: Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Almaty shaken by shockwaves of 7-magnitude earthquake

bne IntelIiNews January 22, 2024

Residents flee houses, gather outside in cold weather in pyjamas. Quake centred on Kyrgyzstan-Xinjiang, China border region.