Central Asia: Welcome to the “opportunity zone”

bne IntelliNews April 23, 2024

The Great Game’s got a new name.

UK’s Cameron addresses British “lack of seriousness” in Central Asia with five-day tour

bne IntelliNews April 22, 2024

Urges region’s five nations to tackle shadow trading equipping Russian war machine. Awkward fact is that much of the trade is made up of redirected deliveries from Britain.

PANNIER: Gulf investment commitments to Central Asia rival sums once pledged by China

Bruce Pannier April 19, 2024

Since Russia lost leverage in the region after invading Ukraine, many countries have sought to fill the gap. In terms of pledged capital, the Arab nations have become big players.

CENTRAL ASIA BLOG: Cautionary tale as onion prices crash amid glut on a "tragic" scale

Tawney Kruger in Tashkent April 18, 2024

Farmers who rushed for promised profits floored across the region.

Eurasia has 20 major petrochemical projects underway worth over $200bn to double plastics production

Ben Aris in Berlin April 18, 2024

Eurasia has 20 major petrochemical projects underway worth over $200bn to double plastics production.

Central Asian states have a coal dependency problem – report

Eurasianet April 14, 2024

Coal addiction in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan fuels regional global warming conundrum.

PANNIER: Caspian military drills that exclude Russia and Iran have some people in Moscow asking questions

Bruce Pannier April 12, 2024

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan going ahead with “Birlestik-2024”. Russian consternation is growing.

EBRD announces profit of €2.1bn in 2023

bne IntelliNews April 11, 2024

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced a significant rebound in its financial performance, recording a robust profit of €2.1bn for the year 2023, up from losses of €1.1bn in 2022.

Unexplained spill fuels concern about Afghan canal project

Eurasianet April 3, 2024

Is Uzbekistan engaging in quiet water diplomacy?

Chinese companies have become a locomotive for change in Central Asia, says EDB

Ben Aris in Berlin March 28, 2024

Chinese companies are actively investing in the Eurasian countries and have become a locomotive for change as the world becomes smaller. Now they are building ties with the multilateral development banks in the region.

Tajik media pick up on Russian Duma deputy’s call for migrant visa regime following terrorist attack

bne IntelliNews March 28, 2024

Central Asians in Russia, meanwhile, endure beatings, vandalism and racism in backlash.

Putin afraid of causing labour shortages by pointing finger at Central Asia for terrorist attack, says analyst

bne IntelliNews March 26, 2024

Kyrgyzstan warning citizens to stay away from Russia and Turkmenistan trying to bring students home.

Tajik diaspora in Russia living in terror following Crocus City massacre

Eurasianet March 25, 2024

Since the terrorist attack on Crocus City concert hall near Moscow, blameless Tajik migrants across Russia have experienced threats, verbal abuse and increased law enforcement harassment.

Ahead of Moscow attack UN report warned of growing Islamic State recruitment in Central Asia

bne IntelliNews March 25, 2024

Terrorist group’s Afghanistan-based ISIS-K branch has built to size and sophistication that give “ability to project a threat into the region and beyond”, Security Council was told.

Where water stress will be highest by 2050

Martin Armstrong for Statista March 24, 2024

Water is not only the basis of life for animals and plants but is also likely to become a contested resource in parts of the world in the coming decades, reports Statista.

Putin wins big in Central Asia, but Kazakhstan spoils party

Almaz Kumenov for Eurasianet March 18, 2024

There was a large turnout for a public assembly in Almaty held to register opposition to Putin's rule.

Disappearances raise fears over Turkey and Central Asia regimes stepping up collaboration in transnational repression

bne IntelliNews March 14, 2024

Two Tajik dissident activists vanish without a trace. Rights defenders point to frightening frequency of state kidnappings.

FDI flow from China to Eurasia is ebbing

Eurasianet March 11, 2024

Lots of talks, but no new deals are being announced.

Closing gender gap in workforce could double global growth rate says World Bank

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow March 8, 2024

Countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia have a lower gender gap than the global average but only Latvian women have equal legal standing with men.

Turkmenistan: Kabul market

bne IntelliNews March 5, 2024

Afghanistan wants to show it is open for business and is willing to be a good neighbour. This and more in this week's Eurasianet Akhal-Teke Bulletin.