Ratings agencies serve warnings to Turkey in lira battle, officials told to stop “muddling through”

bne IntelIiNews August 7, 2020

In public, Erdogan shows no sign of listening. Tells reporters: “Turkey is flying, but there are those who are blind to this reality.”

Zelenskiy loses more ground in the polls as his Servant of the People approval falls to 26%

bne IntelliNews August 7, 2020

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s political party Servant of the People (SOTP) approval ratings in the polls slipped again to 26%, according to a survey by the Ratings Group released on August 6.

Belarusian opposition candidate Tikhanovskaya hijacks government concert after her rally blocked

Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius August 6, 2020

Leading opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya invited her supporters to a government sponsored concert after her rally was blocked and effectively hi-jacked the event

Russian newspaper Kommersant poll finds Tikhanovskaya narrowly beats Lukashenko in presidential election

bne IntelliNews August 6, 2020

A poll conducted by Russian newspaper Kommersant found that former housewife and now leading opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya will narrowly beat Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential election on August 9.

VTB Capital sees complications with viability of Tajik eurobond amid weakening sovereign profile

Kanat Shaku in Almaty August 6, 2020

Significant rainfall reduction in Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains hit country’s hopes for electricity export to Pakistan, perhaps undercutting potential of “TAJIKI bond” financed Roghun hydropower dam project.

Turkey’s money markets starting to malfunction say analysts with lira back beyond seven-to-dollar

bne IntelIiNews August 5, 2020

Erdogan officials end day still with some measure of control on currency but strategists suggest they may be running out of ammunition.

Belarus set to start the Ostrovets NPP within the next few days

bne IntelliNews August 5, 2020

Operations at the first unit of the new Belarusian nuclear power plant (NPP) in Ostrovets, near the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, are being launched early and slated to start in the next few days

Iran offers medical aid to Lebanon after devastating Beirut explosion

bne IntelIiNews August 5, 2020

Latest reports say at least 100 dead, thousands injured and 300,000 made homeless.

Belarus' President Alexander Lukashenko warns of a “bath-house” in which “everybody” will suffer – as far away as Vladivostok

bne IntelliNews August 4, 2020

Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus warned in his delayed State of the Union speech that "destabilising" the country would have serious ramifications, with the consequences being felt as far away as Russia's Vladivostok.

Turkish doctors dispute official coronavirus infections count

bne IntelIiNews August 4, 2020

Government has since June been claiming new cases are running at around 1,000 a day. The medics say that Ankara alone is suffering nearly 1,000 a day.

Belarusian authorities to hold concerts in Minsk park to prevent more opposition rallies

bne IntelliNews August 4, 2020

The authorities in Belarus have booked the Friendship Park in Minsk and say they will hold concerts there every day until August 8, the day before presidential elections, in a transparent move to prevent a second mass rally, the Minsk city government

“Favourite films” poll gives Svetlana Tikhanovskaya 61% support, Lukashenko 3%

bne IntelliNews August 4, 2020

With only a week to go before Belarus’ presidential election, polls are banned and exactly how popular each of the candidates is has remained a mystery. But one news outlet asked Belarusians to name their "favourite film" from six titles.

Former Belarus’ presidential hopeful Valery Tsepkalo exhorts 32 world leaders to act

bne IntelliNews August 3, 2020

Belarusian opposition leader Valery Tsepkalo called on world leaders to pressure Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko into allowing free and fair elections this coming weekend

FPRI BMB Ukraine: A shaky ceasefire is holding in Donbas for the moment

FRPI BMB Ukraine August 3, 2020

A “comprehensive ceasefire” in Eastern Ukraine that was agreed to last week in Minsk officially started on August 2. There were immediately violations but the number of attacks by separatists has fallen significantly

Lukashenko postpones state of the nation speech as health fails

bne IntelliNews August 3, 2020

Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko cancelled his annual state of the nation speech that he was due to deliver on August 3 a week after he admitted to having the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Ukraine’s banking sector starts to lose money in July

Ben Aris in Berlin August 3, 2020

The Ukrainian banking sector lost UAH5,174mn ($186mn) in June as the full impact of the economic slowdown hit home.

Uzbek-born businessman and philanthropist Alisher Usmanov has donated $10mn to help Uzbek doctors

bne IntelliNews July 31, 2020

Uzbek-born businessman and philanthropist Alisher Usmanov has donated $10mn to help Uzbek doctors, who are battling against the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

Ukraine’s IMF deal drifting off track

Ben Aris in Berlin July 31, 2020

After making Herculean efforts to pass the so-called anti-Kolomoisky banking law on May 18, clearing the way to restart a new $5bn International Monetary Fund standby agreement this summer, the renewed deal already seems to have gone off track.

Festival organisers' hopes dashed as Hungary maintains restrictions on gatherings

Tamas Szilagyi in Budapest July 31, 2020

Musicians and festival organisers were angered by the government’s decision to maintain tough rules on concerts, while lifting the ban on sporting events.

Omelette for the Bulgarian government and the PM's dirty laundry on 22nd day of protests

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia July 30, 2020

Young protesters hung up Boyko Borissov’s “dirty laundry” – 14 publications in local media quoting statements by the prime minister from the last few years – as they press the government to resign.