Iran, Tajikistan unveil military drone factory in Dushanbe

bne IntelIiNews May 17, 2022

Allies step up defence cooperation as security situation in Afghanistan deteriorates. Iranians have rapidly become a big regional drone power.

Reports of four dead in Iran as protests spread over bread price hikes

bne IntelIiNews May 15, 2022

Unrest, however, does not appear to have reached Tehran. Government may be in difficulties with its subsidy reform.

Persistent drought to make Iran big wheat importer for second straight year says grain union

bne IntelIiNews May 10, 2022

Cash-strapped government has, meanwhile, ended subsidies for imported wheat, sparking warnings impact on bread and pasta prices could lead to unrest.

NEMETHY: How will the war in Ukraine affect Emerging Markets?

Les Nemethy CEO and founder of Euro-Phoenix Financial Advisors May 2, 2022

We have all heard the adage that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon could affect the weather patterns on the other side of the planet. Might the war in Ukraine also have such unintended consequences?

Iran claims it’s rejected US offers of sanctions removal in return for scrapping plan to avenge Soleimani

bne IntelIiNews April 21, 2022

Assassination of top general in 2020 and Donald Trump’s designation of Revolutionary Guard as “terrorist” remain sensitive matters that could end efforts to revive 2015 nuclear deal.

Half a million Iranians ‘expected to visit Qatar World Cup’, Doha and Tehran discuss tourism infrastructure cooperation during finals

bne IntelIiNews April 12, 2022

Qatari minister assesses use of Iranian ports in finals that will see Iran play England and US.

LONG READ: Afghanistan key to uncorking Russia's access to South Asia

bne IntelIiNews April 4, 2022

To the West, Russia is once more viewed as an international pariah. For a viable economic path, Moscow must look east and south across Asia. Afghanistan as well as Central Asia could be crucial to its plans.

Don’t forget Afghanistan, pleads Uzbekistan, as Ukraine war rages

Joanna Lillis for Eurasianet April 3, 2022

Russia used the meeting in China to emphasise its importance in Central Asia.

Moscow warns Islamist militant infiltration of Central Asia could 'export instability to Russia'

bne IntelIiNews March 31, 2022

Foreign Minister Lavrov says plans of Islamic State and build-up of detachments of Jamaat Ansarullah and Islamic Movement Uzbekistan around Afghan-Tajik and Afghan-Uzbek borders “are an alarming sign”.

LONG READ: Winners and losers from the war in Ukraine (and Russia has already lost, even if it wins)

Ben Aris in Berlin March 16, 2022

Russia loses from war in Ukraine, even if it wins. China wins from the war irrespective of whether Russia wins or loses. The US also wins from both a Russian victory and a defeat, but its win is less if Russia wins. Everyone else loses.

IMF: War-fueled surge in food prices to hit poorer nations hardest

Andrea Pescatori and Ervin Prifti March 16, 2022

Global food prices are poised to keep climbing even after jumping to a record in February, placing the heaviest burden on vulnerable populations while adding to headwinds for the global economic recovery.

Two detained British-Iranian dual nationals leave Tehran

bne IntelliNews March 16, 2022

The two had spent several years in prison and under house arrest as part of a bilateral dispute over a debt dating back to the time of the Shah.

Russia agrees final points of nuclear deal with Iran

bne IntelliNews March 15, 2022

Moscow says US guarantees mean that it can agree to Iran nuclear deal, opening the way for the lifting of sanctions on Tehran.

Iran set to release 'hostages' after UK pays £400mn debt

bne IntelliNews March 15, 2022

The UK has reportedly repaid Iran around £400mn it had received for Chieftain tanks that were sold to the Shah in 1979 but never delivered. Dual nationals Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe and Anousheh Ashouri are now expected to be released.

COMMENT: Nuclear deal cliffhanger

bne IntelIiNews March 12, 2022

Might Iran sideline Russia to secure an agreement that would put it right back on the world oil and gas markets?

Iran, US can do nuclear deal without Moscow says Crisis Group director

bne IntelIiNews March 9, 2022

Western powers concerned Russia holding JCPOA talks to ransom in effort to curb some effects of Ukraine invasion sanctions.

MOSCOW BLOG: Recalibrating for the economic war with Russia

Ben Aris in Berlin March 9, 2022

OK people. It’s time to recalibrate. The war between Moscow and Kyiv in Ukraine just went global. It’s now a full blown economic war between East and West.

Taliban, terrorist groups ‘set to destabilise Central Asia within six weeks’

bne IntelIiNews March 7, 2022

US think tank says Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in particular risk infiltration by ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

MENA countries’ stances vary as Russia-Ukraine war escalates

bne IntelliNews March 7, 2022

The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine is having a disruptive economic impact on the MENA region by driving up global wheat prices, which will impose yet more financial burdens on an already cash-strapped Egypt, the world's largest wheat importer.

bneGREEN: Urgent pivot to adaption finance needed to contain global warming

By Richard Lockhart in Edinburgh March 4, 2022

The IPCC has warned in its latest climate report that the effects of global warming are already widespread, and that some are now irreversible.