MOSCOW BLOG: Russia’s frozen relations with Europe start to thaw

Ben Aris in Tashkent August 23, 2019

Western sanctions on Russia aren't going to be lifted anytime soon, but new harsh sanctions are increasingly unlikely and room to cut some sort of deal is increasing.

Ukraine joins EU leaders in opposing Russia’s re-admittance to G7

bne IntelliNews August 23, 2019

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy added his voice to those of major European economies in opposing a proposal from US President Donald Trump to allow Russia back into the Group of Seven (G7) advanced economies.

Russia's Group buys YouDrive carsharing start-up

bne IntelliNews August 22, 2019

YouDrive Business and YouDrive Pool currently operate a fleet of 2,500 cars to be expanded to 10,000 within a year.

Russia’s slow embrace of recycled plastics

Ben Aris in Berlin August 21, 2019

Russian companies have embraced the environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics because their investors are demanding it. That’s because the public are demanding it. The state and the leading petrochemical companies are looking for solutions.

Russia's Rosneft and finance ministry wrestle over Arctic funding

bne IntelliNews August 20, 2019

Russia's finance ministry is insisting that the moratorium on oil and gas extraction support is extended for the Arctic region, while Rosneft pushes through support for its Arctic project Vostok Oil.

Russia's Sberbank to launch biometric payments

bne IntelliNews August 19, 2019

Russia's largest bank and digital innovation leader state-controlled Sberbank will test payments with fingerprints and face recognition without the use of payment cards or gadgets, Vedomosti daily reported citing the information of the bank.

LONG READ: Putin's 20 years on the job in numbers

Ben Aris in Berlin, Ivan Tkachev in Moscow August 18, 2019

Last week President Vladimir Putin celebrated 20 years in power. bne IntelliNews takes a look at how the country has transformed under his leadership by going through the numbers.

Russia releases French Baring Vostok partner on house arrest

bne IntelliNews August 16, 2019

Moscow court released French partner of Baring Vostok Capital Partners Philippe Delpal from pre-trial detention and put him under house arrest on Thursday August 15.

Russian industrial output below expectations at 2.8% growth in July

bne IntelliNews August 16, 2019

Russian industrial output growth slowed down to 2.8% year-on-year from 3.3% seen in June, trending below the consensus expectations of 3.4% growth, and showing a seasonally-adjusted month-on-month decline of 0.4%. In January-July overall industry exp

Russia’s LNG production soaring in 2019

Ben Aris in Berlin August 16, 2019

Russia has kept is oil and gas production capped in keeping with the terms of the OPEC+ deal, but the production of LNG has soared in the last year, as the Kremlin hopes to turn gas into a commodity that can be sold anywhere.

Has the Kremlin already scuppered Russia's next generation high speed 5G mobile phone network before it has been built?

bne IntelliNews August 15, 2019

Has the Kremlin already scuppered the launch of the next generation high speed 5G mobile phone network before it has been built? Some industry participants think so after the Russian government assigned a a little used frequency band for the system t

MOSCOW BLOG: Putin is a victim of his own success

Ben Aris in Berlin August 14, 2019

The very prosperity that Russian President Vladimir Putin ushered in is fuelling the current protests as Muscovites demand more of a say in local government.

Russian sanctions fifth anniversary, but no reason to celebrate

Gunter Deuber of Raiffeisen Research in Vienna, Ruslan Gadeev of Raiffeisen Research in Vienna August 14, 2019

This summer mark the fifth anniversary of Western sanctions against Russia. But taking a quick look at Russian economic and financial sector indicators and you'd wonder if the sanctions are still in place.

Russian watchdog proposes to privatise Aeroflot's lowcoster Pobeda

bne IntelliNews August 14, 2019

Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has proposed the privatisation of the budget airline Pobeda, part of the national air carrier Aeroflot Group, and let it concentrate on domestic routes to bring prices down

The Kremlin’s attempts to control the internet threaten Russia’s most vibrant sector

Ben Aris in Berlin August 13, 2019

With social unrest on the rise in Russia, the Kremlin is trying to increase its control over internet content. That will hurt what is the most vibrant part of Russia's economy and home to some of its best companies.

Dostavista, the leading crowdsourced same-day delivery service, secures $15mn in series B funding

bne IntelliNews August 13, 2019

Dostavista, Russia’s leading crowd-sourced same-day delivery service operating globally, has raised $15m in a Series B funding round led by Vostok New Ventures, as well as other existing investors Flashpoint and Addventure

TV losing its power to influence as a news source in Russia

Eurasianet August 13, 2019

TV used to be the main source of power in Russia, but unlike China, the internet is open and younger people get the majority of their news and information online. The state has belatedly woken up to the need to control online content

Russia records slightly improved but still weak GDP growth of 0.9% in 2Q19

bne IntelliNews August 12, 2019

The 0.9% GDP growth in the second quarter of this year was an improvement on the soggy 0.5% in the first quarter.

Booming Russian OFZ sales put on pause in July

Ben Aris in Berlin August 12, 2019

After dramatically bouncing back this year from a nasty sanction-inspired sell-off last year, it appears that investors into Russian Ministry of Finance ruble-denominated OFZ treasury bills have taken a pause.

Moscow sees biggest protest rally since 2011 as Kremlin's brutal police tactics backfire

Ben Aris in Berlin August 11, 2019

An estimated 60,000 people turned out for the fourth in a series of weekend protests in central Moscow on August 10, a number too large for the Kremlin to ignore.