​Moldova’s president opens new parliament session announcing ‘zero tolerance for corruption’

bne IntelliNews July 27, 2021

As her PAS party prepares to form a new government, President Sandu says it will have to "find urgent solutions to a multitude of problems".

Looming new coronavirus wave prompts vaccination push in Southeast Europe

bne IntelliNews July 24, 2021

With the delta variant starting to spread in Southeast Europe, officials are warning of a new wave of the pandemic that may put pressure on hospitals as early as August or September.

BALKAN BLOG: Head prosecutor Stoianoglo is first target and first test for new pro-EU government in Moldova

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest July 23, 2021

Moldova’s President Maia Sandu wants to resume the judicial reforms she started in 2019, beginning with exactly what led to her dismissal as prime minister: the appointment of new head prosecutors.

May industrial slowdown in Europe touches Moldova

bne IntelIiNews July 21, 2021

Industrial production dropped by 7.8% m/m in May in the deepest monthly decline since the initial lockdown last March.

EU ready to begin €600mn Economic and Recovery Plan in Moldova after government is formed

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest July 14, 2021

President Maia Sandu's reformist PAS to form new government after landslide election victory.

Inflation wave reaches Moldova’s relatively closed economy

bne IntelliNews July 13, 2021

There are signs that Moldova’s economy, as small and relatively closed as it is, will not remain untouched by the inflationary wave.

President Sandu's party wins landslide victory in Moldova's snap election

bne IntelliNews July 12, 2021

Sandu talks of "end of a hard era" in Moldova as preliminary results show her pro-EU, reformist PAS to secure a majority in parliament.

BALKAN BLOG: Diaspora voters set to choose change in Bulgaria and Moldova

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow July 8, 2021

Bulgaria and Moldova will hold general elections on Sunday that follow public debates over the number of polling stations for diaspora voters – an issue that has repeatedly surfaced in elections in the region.

Moldova’s current account deficit deepened by 67% y/y in Q1

bne IntelliNews July 1, 2021

The country's chronic current deficit returned to a higher level after it temporarily improved during the pandemic.

Under half of emerging Europe economies to achieve full recovery in 2021

bne IntelliNews June 29, 2021

EBRD says recovery from the coronacrisis is progressing faster than expected, but many emerging Europe economies won’t return to 2019 levels of GDP until 2022.

Leaked documents indicate Russia spent €11.4mn ahead of Moldovan presidential election

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest June 25, 2021

Former president Igor Dodon denies receiving funds from Moscow, after leaked documents obtained by German Bild indicate financial support channelled to 'friendly' candidates.

DATACRUNCH: Central banks hike rates in the fight against inflation

Ben Aris in Berlin June 22, 2021

The economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are bouncing back from the pandemic recession but this will also stimulate inflation, posing a dilemma for central banks.

Moldova’s industrial production back to pre-crisis level

bne IntelliNews June 21, 2021

The full industrial recovery was partly due to the outstanding advance of the utilities sector.

Moldova’s trade gap widens again

bne IntelliNews June 18, 2021

In volume terms, exports shrank by 12.3% y/y while imports increased by 7.1% y/y in Q1 2021.

Moldova’s headline inflation rises to 3.1% y/y and is going up

bne IntelliNews June 11, 2021

The headline inflation is already above the refinancing rate, maintained by the central bank a couple of days earlier at 2.65%.

COMMENT: Time to end Putin's impunity

Jeff Lovitt and Jan Piekło June 10, 2021

The price faced by Russia for aggression must be too high for the Kremlin to countenance, and this is the message that Biden should deliver to Putin – and act upon.

Moldova’s central bank maintains monetary policy rate at 2.65%

bne IntelliNews June 9, 2021

Decision reveals the BNM’s concern with economic growth rather than inflation.

Wages in Moldova up real 10% y/y in Q1

bne IntelliNews June 1, 2021

The pandemic has reduced the number of jobs in Moldova but the average wage has increased.

Household borrowing drives loan growth in Moldova

bne IntelliNews May 26, 2021

Lending to households has gained momentum following reforms in the banking sector, while corporate lending lags behind.

Foreign transfers to Moldovan households up 25% during pandemic

bne IntelliNews May 25, 2021

Transfers from abroad to Moldovan households soared to $1.63bn in the 12 months ending April 2021.