INTERVIEW: EU integration is the biggest hope for Moldova, says economy minister

Clare Nuttall in Yerevan May 23, 2024

After a tough few years, Economy Minister Dumitru Alaiba says Moldova hopes for the accelerated growth achieved by previous candidate countries in the run-up to accession.

INTERVIEW: maib CEO sees strong growth potential in Moldova ahead of planned IPO

Clare Nuttall in Yerevan May 23, 2024

Giorgi Shagidze led the transformation of Moldova's largest bank into a modern, digital bank that is preparing to list on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Moldova is first country to sign a security and defence partnership with EU

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest May 22, 2024

Partnership gives Moldova the opportunity to be part of European defence and security instruments.

Moldova’s industry shows fragile 2.1% y/y growth in Q1

bne IntelliNews May 21, 2024

Growth was entirely due to the return of the utility companies's activity to normal after it contracted in the winter of 2022-2023.

BALKAN BLOG: Moldova’s opposition to exploit ruling PAS’ justice reform failures in presidential race

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest May 20, 2024

Socialist leader Igor Dodon suggests former head prosecutor Alexandr Stoianaglo is the ideal candidate to run against incumbent Maia Sandu.

EC, EBRD remain bullish on Moldova’s “nascent” economic recovery

bne IntelliNews May 16, 2024

Moldova’s nascent economic recovery began in the second half of 2023 and is expected to strengthen from 0.7% last year to 2.9% in 2024 and 3.7% in 2025 almost entirely on domestic demand.

EBRD2024: EBRD expects Emerging Europe growth boost in 2024, but slightly lowers forecast

Clare Nuttall in Yerevan May 15, 2024

Development bank makes downward revision in latest forecasts after worse than expected Q1 figures for Central Europe.

Moldova’s inflation eases to 3.5% y/y in April

bne IntelliNews May 13, 2024

Lower utilities prices were the main factor dragging down overall inflation.

Premier Energy seeks to raise over €135mn with Bucharest IPO

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest May 8, 2024

Power and gas utility group Premier Energy's IPO kicks off on May 8, raising funds for its expansion into renewables in Romania and Moldova.

CENUSA: (Geo)political polarisation in Georgia and Moldova and what is at stake for the EU and Russia

bne IntelliNews May 3, 2024

Under the influence of electoral calculations for the year 2024, political processes in Georgia and Moldova have acquired a geopolitical component of significant proportions.

Moldova’s industrial output shows signs of recovery in February

bne IntelliNews April 28, 2024

More abundant and cheaper gas this year creates opportunity for resumption of industrial activity in Moldova.

CEE recovering but no full rebound in sight, says wiiw

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow April 25, 2024

Germany’s slow recovery is dampening growth prospects for Central and Southeast European economies.

Moldova's pro-Russian opposition forms new political bloc at Moscow meeting

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest April 23, 2024

Fugitive oligarch Ilan Shor seeks to consolidate pro-Russian opposition ahead of autumn presidential election.

Future of Emerging Europe’s hybrid regimes hangs in the balance

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow April 23, 2024

With Emerging Europe increasingly polarised between democracies and authoritarian states, it is unclear in which direction the hybrid regimes – which fall between the two camps – will go, says Freedom House.

COMMENT: The Three Seas Initiative's digital imperative

Dominykas Tuckus in Vilnius April 12, 2024

While digital infrastructure in the region is growing, support infrastructure designed to handle the growth in demand is what requires investment.

EBRD announces profit of €2.1bn in 2023

bne IntelliNews April 11, 2024

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has announced a significant rebound in its financial performance, recording a robust profit of €2.1bn for the year 2023, up from losses of €1.1bn in 2022.

CENUSA: Geopolitics prevails in the EU accession agenda for Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

Denis Cenusa April 3, 2024

The destabilisation of Eastern Europe created a paradigm shift in terms of EU enlargement.

Moldova’s central bank cuts policy rate by 50bp

Iulian Ernst in Bucharest March 22, 2024

National Bank of Moldova said decision aims “to slow down the decrease in inflation”.

Slim hopes of EU enlargement progress ahead of European Parliament elections

bne IntelliNews March 20, 2024

EU members are pushing for the start of accession talks with Bosnia at this week’s EU Council, but wider progress unlikely before June elections.

Putin’s biggest fans in Southeast Europe hail election victory

bne IntelliNews March 18, 2024

Only the few remaining allies of the Russian president such as Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik and Moldovan ex-president Igor Dodon welcomed Putin's victory.