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MOSCOW BLOG: Russia’s frozen relations with Europe start to thaw

August 23, 2019

Western sanctions on Russia aren't going to be lifted anytime soon, but new harsh sanctions are increasingly unlikely and room to cut some sort of deal is increasing.

MOSCOW BLOG: Putin is a victim of his own success

August 14, 2019

The very prosperity that Russian President Vladimir Putin ushered in is fuelling the current protests as Muscovites demand more of a say in local government.

MOSCOW BLOG: Are regular Russians ready to face the police baton to get what they want?

August 2, 2019

Has the brutal beating of protestors in Moscow last weekend and the arresting of over 1,300 people—some simply innocent passersby—radicalised Muscovites? The crowd size at the sanctioned August 3 rally will be very telling.

MOSCOW BLOG: Kremlin ups its game with police violence at Moscow protests

July 29, 2019

Response threatens to radicalise protestors, unite opposition in way not yet achieved. Largest number of arrests in a protest to date. Putin playing with fire, say analysts. Kremlin makes it clear violence is now standard response to protest.

MOSCOW BLOG: Putin at work at the illiberal G20 summit

July 5, 2019

The common wisdom is that Russian President Vladimir Putin is all about tactics and doesn't have a strategy. But things have changed. The collapse of the west has made it easy for Putin, who is capitalising on an improving hand.