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MOSCOW BLOG: How the ISIS attack in Russia puts Tajiks under pressure

March 28, 2024

Russian citizens of Tajik descent, alongside the broader Tajik diaspora, have found themselves in a precarious situation.

MOSCOW BLOG: Shock and resignation grip the Moscow suburbs

March 27, 2024

Initially, Anton and his friends thought it was a drone strike. The first images they saw on Telegram channels was of the top of the concert hall on fire, with black smoke billowing out into the light-polluted sky.

MOSCOW BLOG: Who were the attackers at Moscow’s bloody Crocus City shooting?

March 22, 2024

A group of gunmen attacked a crowd of concert goers at the Crocus City Hall in western Moscow on the night of March 22, killing at least 40 and injuring up to a 100 more, according to the Federal Security Service.

MOSCOW BLOG: Life in Russia has always been rubbish, that is why Putin would have been re-elected even in a fair election

March 18, 2024

“Life is hard. But at least it's short.” That is an old Soviet joke that plays on the harsh conditions Russians lived under since Tsarist times. Those times changed when Russian President Vladimir Putin came to power.

MOSCOW BLOG: Black mood descending as Ukraine problems increase

February 22, 2024

As the war in Ukraine goes into its third year, the initial optimism generated by the heroic defence of Kyiv against the invading Russian troops has evaporated as ammunition runs short and the Russian forces make advances.

MOSCOW BLOG: The thankless burdens of Russia’s opposition

February 19, 2024

Russia’s opposition carry a heavy burden but have made few inroads since Russian President Vladimir Putin took office over two decades ago. But many remain prepared to heroically martyr themselves, despite having the odds stacked against them.