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Reflections from our correspondents on the ground in the four Central European countries of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

VISEGRAD BLOG: The Central European populists rooting for Trump

October 31, 2020

For Central Europe's "illiberal democrats", US President Donald Trump’s re-election would be an affirmation that there is no stopping the global resurgence of the right wing.

VISEGRAD BLOG: The slow death of Hungary’s independent media

July 27, 2020

Firing of independent news site’s editor-in-chief triggered a mass walkout by journalists, further narrowing the number of free media outlets in Hungary where the landscape is now dominated by PM Viktor Orban's allies.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Poland’s illiberals facing their make or break moment this Sunday

June 26, 2020

President Andrzej Duda's reelection seemed like a formality but is now in doubt after missteps such as an attack on LGBT people. Polls suggest the liberal mayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski has a real chance to win.

VISEGRAD BLOG: Returning migrants but no COVID baby boom for emerging Europe

June 23, 2020

What does the coronavirus pandemic mean for the region's dismal demographics?

VISEGRAD BLOG: The COVID-19 pandemic may actually strengthen Central and Eastern Europe's position in Europe

June 16, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic may actually strengthen Central and Eastern Europe in relative economic terms to the rest of Europe, argue Marek Belka and Piroska Nagy-Mohacsi (LSE), with Poland being one of the big winners