Iran accuses US-funded network of plotting unrest ahead of Mahsa Amini's death anniversary

Iran accuses US-funded network of plotting unrest ahead of Mahsa Amini's death anniversary
Protests are expected to spark up across the world against the ruling government in Iran, largely fueled by expatriate groups including Royalists backing exiled Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi. / CC: Sima Ghaffarzadeh
By bne IntelIiNews September 7, 2023

Iran has announced the discovery of a group they claim is backed by the US, aiming to incite unrest in the country on the upcoming anniversary of the death of Mahsa Amini, ISNA reported on September 7.

The announcement was made approximately a week before the one-year anniversary of Iran's longest-lasting protests that began following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of the so-called morality police for allegedly not observing the Islamic Republic's strict dress code for women. Months of conflict resulted in the deaths of at least 500 people, according to human rights organisations, while the Islamic Republic faced the most extensive international criticism and sanctions for its brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters.

The joint statement said the network was led by the so-called Freedom House and "Non-violence for Democracy" institutions and managed by a political figure abroad.

They held free virtual courses for women's rights activists and civil society and were setting up primarily woman-led groups to provoke unrest, according to the statement.

Iran said the group had reportedly scheduled events at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London on September 7 and 14, which were also to be held virtually, Russian media later reported.

SOAS’ website has not listed any events for the mentioned dates.

The purported aim of these events was to prepare for disturbances in Iran and to create an atmosphere of tension within the country, Iran claims.

In the run-up to the first anniversary of Amini’s death, which is seen in Shi’ite Islam as a major event to remember a person, exiled Crown Prince Mohammad Reza Pahlavi has called for people to rise against the incumbent ruling regime.

In his September 7 message on social media platform X, formerly Twitter, Pahlavi said, “The path to your liberation and peace is to uproot this demonic regime from our beloved Iran. Iran's pain is national, and its remedy is also national.”

“The anniversary of the murder of Iran's daughter, the eternal Mahsa Amini, is a significant opportunity for millions of concerned Iranians from all walks of life to unite and ignite a new wave of our national revolution,” he added.

The former prince finished his statement by saying, "I warn the oppressive apparatus that responsibility for any violence against the Iranian people lies with you and your commanders. Think of the hour of justice and fear the consequences of oppressing a suffering nation. The Iranian nation is civilised and peace-loving. However, the inherent right to defend and protect oneself and others against a regime that preys on its people like a ravenous wolf is undeniable."


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