Three quarters of Russians still trust Putin

Three quarters of Russians still trust Putin
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By Ben Aris in Berlin October 1, 2023

President Vladimir Putin's trust rating among the Russian population currently stands at 77.3%, according to the most recent poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) as of September 29.

The result was a slight decline of 0.4 percentage points over the past week. The poll surveyed 1,600 adult residents of Russia.

The survey revealed that 77.3% of respondents expressed trust in President Putin, marking a modest decrease of 0.4 percentage points. Furthermore, approval of the president's job performance also saw a decrease of 0.6 percentage points, now standing at 73.7%.

In comparison, the approval rating for the Russian government was reported at 48.5%, reflecting a minor rise of 0.1 percentage points. Additionally, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin's job performance garnered approval from 51.1% of respondents, indicating an increase of 0.8 percentage points. Approximately 60% of those surveyed expressed trust in Prime Minister Mishustin, reflecting a rise of 0.4 percentage points.

The survey also assessed public attitudes towards the leaders of political party factions in the State Duma, the lower house of Russia's parliament. Gennady Zyuganov, the long-standing head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF), was trusted by 31.4% of respondents, indicating a decline of 2.8 percentage points. Sergey Mironov, the leader of the A Just Russia - For Truth party, garnered trust from 26.3% of respondents, marking a 3.3 percentage point drop. Leonid Slutsky, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), earned the trust of 16.2% of respondents, representing a 1.5 percentage point decrease. Alexey Nechayev, chairman of the New People party, was trusted by 7.5% of respondents, reflecting a 1.6 percentage point decline.

Regarding political parties, the ruling United Russia party enjoyed a level of popular support at 39.2%, marking a rise of 0.8 percentage points. The KPRF received 10.6% support, indicating an increase of 0.3 percentage points. The LDPR's support was at 9%, reflecting a one percentage point decrease. A Just Russia - For Truth garnered 9.4% support, marking a 0.3 percentage point fall. Finally, New People received 5.1% support, indicating a 0.5 percentage point rise.


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