Kyrgyzstan’s Kumtor mine grab hits financing plans of Tulkubash gold project

Kanat Shaku in Almaty May 26, 2021

Rising uncertainty facing foreign miners in country could deter debt or equity investors.

Tikhanovskaya calls for European-wide show of solidarity with Belarus on May 29

bne IntelliNews May 26, 2021

Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has called for a public Europe-wide show of solidarity with Belarus on May 29.

Ryanair forced landing in Minsk is not the first time planes were ordered down to arrest a passenger

bne IntelliNews May 26, 2021

European politicians erupted in fury after the commercial Ryanair flight was ordered to the ground on May 23 in Minsk and top Belarusian opposition journalist Roman Protasevich was arrested, but it is not the first time this has happened.

Slovak Agriculture Minister Micovsky resigns over suspicions of corruption at land fund

bne IntelliNews May 26, 2021

Seven officials from the Slovak Land Fund were detained by the National Crime Agency on May 19.

Czech former president Vaclav Klaus reportedly secretly sent a loan to Soviet Union after revolution

bne IntelliNews May 26, 2021

Former Czech president Vaclav Klaus has denied he allegedly fulfilled a loan contract agreed by the head of the Czech Communist government, Ladislav Adamec, with the Soviet Union before the Velvet Revolution.

Russia has met only 8% of export orders for Sputnik V vaccine, vaccination at home behind schedule

Ben Aris in Berlin May 25, 2021

Russia has met only 8% of its international orders for the Sputnik V vaccine, despite boasting it has been approved in over 60 countries.

Bulgaria seeks reset of relations with North Macedonia as Russia weighs into dispute

bne IntelliNews May 25, 2021

Restoring trust with North Macedonia is foreign ministry's top priority, says Bulgaria's new Foreign Minister Svetlan Stoev, but tensions raised again by Russian embassy tweet.

Iran’s election vetting body bars top moderates from running for presidency

bne IntelIiNews May 25, 2021

Even hardline frontrunner Ebrahim Raisi appears to object to large number of disqualifications.

Belarusian opposition journalist Protasevich in detention centre video and confesses to crimes

Ben Aris in Berlin May 25, 2021

Belarusian opposition journalist Roman Protasevich appeared on a video released by a pro-government Telegram channel the day after his arrest, where he said he was being well treated and apparently confessed to his crimes.

Bosnia's central bank ups 2021 growth forecast as economy outperforms expectations in Q1

Eldar Dizdarevic in Sarajevo May 25, 2021

Central bank lifts 2021 GDP growth forecast to 3.4% citing recovery of key indicators including industrial production and exports of goods.

Putin formally accepts Biden’s summit invitation

bne IntelliNews May 25, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin has formally accepted US President Joe Biden’s invitation to a one-on-one summit, via his representatives during a high-level diplomatic meeting in Geneva on May 24.

Tajikistan: Long-struggling banks finally liquidated

Kamila Ibragimova for Eurasianet May 24, 2021

All efforts to save Agroinvestbank and Tojiksodirotbank have failed.

bneGREEN: Russia’s weather goes crazy

bne IntelIiNews May 24, 2021

Russia’s weather has quite frankly gone nuts. There is a heatwave inside the Arctic Circle where the coast is hotter than the beaches of the Mediterranean. And Moscow has just reported its warmest ever May days.

Poland says it will not comply with EU court’s order to stop Turow mine

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw May 24, 2021

Poland is in for another major tussle with the EU after the bloc’s top court issued an interim measure to stop lignite mining at the Turow mine near the border with Czechia.

Belarus forces a Ryanair commercial plane to land in Minsk and arrests top opposition Nexta journalist

Ben Aris in Berlin May 23, 2021

Belarus scrambled a MiG-29 fighter to force down a Ryanair passenger plane flying over its territory and arrested a passenger, the former editor and co-founder of the opposition Nexta Telegram channel, who now faces the death penalty.

Zelenskiy takes aim at Ukraine’s richest oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov

Ben Aris in Berlin May 23, 2021

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskiy took aim at Ukraine’s richest businessman, Rinat Akhmetov, during a three-hour-long press conference to mark the end of his second year in office.

Probe launched into “Bulgaria’s Watergate”

Denitsa Koseva in Sofia May 23, 2021

Opposition politicians allegedly wiretapped ahead of April 4 general election.

Serbia aims to boost energy and mining sector to 10% of GDP in 10 years

bne IntelliNews May 23, 2021

Mining and Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic says Belgrade wants to pursue a "new, green and sustainable path" for the sector.

bneGREEN: GECF rejects IEA call to end upstream investment

bne IntelliNews May 23, 2021

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) has rejected the findings of the IEA report released last week, instead projecting that gas will increase its share in the global energy mix to 28% from 23% today.

Russia and US to kiss and make up? Blinken and Lavrov meeting in Reykjavik

Ben Aris in Berlin May 21, 2021

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his US counterpart, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, met on the sidelines of the Arctic Council summit in the first face-to-face meeting between the new Biden administration and the Kremlin on May 19