Rights groups call on Tajikistan to disclose whereabouts of “forcibly disappeared” opposition leader

bne IntelliNews May 4, 2024

“Devastating reports” say Suhrob Zafar may have lost ability to walk following torture. Turkey suspected of role in rendition.

OTP reportedly makes bid to buy Tallinn-based Luminor Bank

Tamas Csonka in Budapest May 3, 2024

Luminor is the third-largest bank in the Baltic states and is reportedly valued at more than €2bn.

Czech central bank lowers interest rate to 5.25%

Albin Sybera May 3, 2024

CNB also improves its economic outlook for this year to 1.4% growth, up from the 0.4% growth it predicted in February.

Serbs see Russians as main ally, US as biggest threat

bne IntelliNews May 3, 2024

IRI’s Western Balkan survey also reveals Albanians and Kosovars most committed to EU and Nato membership; support flagging in other countries.

Turkey reportedly freezes all trade with Israel

bne IntelliNews May 2, 2024

Under pressure from religious conservatives, Turkish leader Erdogan is said to have blocked all exports and imports. Move draws angry rebuke from Israelis.

German chancellor says 4-year timeline for Montenegro's EU membership is realistic

bne IntelliNews May 2, 2024

Montenegro is the closest to accession among the Western Balkan countries, but progress has been stalled by political instability in recent years.

Shocking trial of ex-minister has shifted domestic violence attitudes in Kazakhstan, says brother

bne IntelliNews May 2, 2024

Country’s first court hearing to be screened online has included CCTV showing how wife died after torturous beating that lasted several hours.

Orban's government opts not to commemorate 20th membership of EU accession

bne IntelliNews May 2, 2024

Hungary has slid to second poorest member state under Hungarian strongman's corrupt rule.

Slovak parliament moves closer to approving foreign agent bill aimed at NGOs

Albin Sybera May 2, 2024

NGOs which receive more than €5,000 from outside of Slovakia will be labelled “organisations with foreign support”.

Russia doesn’t like taking a back seat to China in Central Asia trade

Eurasianet May 1, 2024

But domestic economic woes may be slowing Beijing’s exports.

Fighting breaks out in Georgian parliament, halting vote on 'foreign agents' law

bne IntelliNews May 1, 2024

A debate to approve Georgia’s controversial 'foreign agents' bill in its second reading was disrupted after fights broke out in the chamber between members of the ruling party and opposition MPs on May 1.

Ukraine's drone attacks on Russian oil refineries cause domestic petrol prices to surge

Ben Aris in Berlin May 1, 2024

Ukrainian drone strikes on Russian oil refineries are causing a shortage of petrol on the domestic markets and have sent prices at the pump surging in the last few weeks.

Russia is producing weapons at a record pace, and Ukraine’s partners are trying to increase support for Kyiv

Ben Aris in Berlin May 1, 2024

Russia is producing weapons at a record pace, and Ukraine’s partners are trying to increase support. Over the past year, Russia has learned to develop new weapons and ammunition faster than at any time in its modern history.

Fighting between protestors and riot police breaks out in Tbilisi

bne IntelliNews April 30, 2024

Baton-wielding riot police attacked protestors, firing rubber bullets and tear gas at thousands of demonstrators in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi late on the evening on April 30, as authorities tried to end weeks of demonstrations.

Lithuanian leaders back sending 29,000 military-age men back to Ukraine

`Linas Jegelevicius in Vilnius April 30, 2024

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda and Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte believe that Lithuania should help Ukraine get back its military-age men living abroad.

Top Russian mobile operator MTS announces $86.5mn share buyback

Ben Aris in Berlin April 30, 2024

Russia’s biggest mobile phone operator MTS is offering its international investors whose shares have been trapped in Russia by sanctions an opportunity to sell their shares at a discount and get a return on their investment.

Serbia's new government to have ministers under US sanctions for Russia links

bne IntelliNews April 30, 2024

Former spy chief Aleksandar Vulin, dubbed ‘Moscow’s man’ in Belgrade, to join Milos Vucevic’s new cabinet.

Czech police point to Russia's GRU as investigation into ammunition explosion is shelved

Albin Sybera April 30, 2024

Czech interior minister says that Russia is “transgressing valid international agreements” after it refused to cooperate with Czech authorities on the case.

Georgian oligarch Ivanishvili advocates repression, blames Western “Party of War” for country’s ills

Ben Aris in Berlin April 30, 2024

Georgian Dream's founder's strong comments indicate that the party is not planning to back down, despite big demonstrations against the 'foreign agents' bill over the past two weeks.

Poland’s Tusk orders thorough probe into Orlen’s $370mn botched oil deal

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw April 30, 2024

Orlen's PiS-appointed CEO reportedly disregarded warnings from the company's security team about head of Swiss subsidiary's alleged Hezbollah links.