Netanyahu family wait at billionaire’s missile-proof house in Jerusalem

Netanyahu family wait at billionaire’s missile-proof house in Jerusalem
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Tel Nof Air Base meeting troops. / CC: GPO
By bne IntelliNews April 13, 2024

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara spent the weekend at the luxury villa of American billionaire Simon Falic in Jerusalem, Israeli news site Walla! reported on April 13.

The house in the Talpiot neighbourhood of the city is believed to be able to withstand a potential Iranian strike on the city following Israel’s missile strike on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, which killed senior IRGC officers.

Iran has vowed the respond to the strike, causing panic across Israel that Iran could hit at any point.  

Leading global airlines have also announced that they have rerouted several flights in the region and, in the case of European airlines, limiting flights to both Iran and Israel.

At the start of the war, the Netanyahu family moved to the Falic family's home, alternating their time between this house and their private residence in Caesarea.

However, they returned to their apartment on Gaza Street in recent months.

Over the weekend, amidst concerns about an Iranian response, Haaretz journalist Uri Misgav reported that the Netanyahu couple returned to the villa in Talpiot.

Sources close to Netanyahu confirmed to Walla! that the Prime Minister stayed there last night.

The Prime Minister's office did not respond to Walla's inquiry before publication.

Simon Falic is the son of one of the largest American donor families to Netanyahu's career and a close family associate.

The Prime Minister's eldest son, Yair Netanyahu, who currently resides in Miami in the US, also stays in an apartment owned by a close billionaire.

Following the article, comments from Israelis to the news of Netanyahu were met with significant criticism, including that his son has left the country to stay in the US.

The Times of Israel reported that thousands of Israelis are attending protests against the government in various locations across the country, including outside the Falic’s home following the report.

“The government of Israel is against the nation of Israel” and “A government without skills, you should quit now,” the reported added.

In a late-night announcement, Israeli Defence Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari said that all schools and universities in the country will remain closed in the next few days.