Iran’s Khamenei says Iran not behind Hamas’ attack

Iran’s Khamenei says Iran not behind Hamas’ attack
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has praised Palestinian Hamas fighters for taking on Israel but denied Iran is behind the operation. / bne IntelliNews
By bne IntelIiNews October 10, 2023

Iran’s Supreme Leader has denied Iran is behind Palestinian militant group Hamas’ attack on southern Israel in a speech to military graduates on October 10.  

"Supporters of the regime and some individuals within the occupying regime have made and continue to make speculations in the past few days,” Khamenei said.  “They mistakenly introduce the Islamic Republic of Iran as the instigator behind these actions. We certainly defend Palestine and its resistance, but they are mistaken," he added.

In a joint graduation ceremony for students of military universities, the Supreme Leader of Iran emphasised the significance of the "Al-Quds Storm" operation, the name given to the operation by Hamas and promoted by Iran.

Khamenei said the “Zionist regime has suffered an irrevocable defeat both militarily and in terms of intelligence”.

He added, "Everyone has acknowledged the defeat, but my emphasis is on its irreparability. This devastating earthquake has destroyed some of the main structures of the occupying regime's governance, which cannot be easily rebuilt."

The Supreme Leader added, "We salute and kiss the foreheads and arms of the wise, intelligent Palestinian youths. However, those who claim that this recent epic is not the work of Palestinians are gravely mistaken. They have underestimated and misunderstood the Palestinian people."

The Supreme Leader concluded: "Of course, the entire Muslim world is obligated to support the Palestinians, and they will indeed provide their support.

“However, this cause belongs to the Palestinians themselves, and this epic will be a significant step towards the liberation of Palestine."

Israel has continued to attack the Palestinian enclave of Gaza in the past three days, with hundreds killed in an aerial bombing campaign.

More than 1,400 people have been killed on both sides in the past three days, with hundreds of Hamas militants killed in response by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). More than 100 Israeli soldiers have also been killed in gun battles between both sides.

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