Huge billboard in Tehran calls Israel 'weaker than a spider's web' after weekend attack

Huge billboard in Tehran calls Israel 'weaker than a spider's web' after weekend attack
Iran's Islamic rulers have a bounce in their step after firing 300 rockets at Israel. / bne IntelliNews
By bne Tehran bureau April 15, 2024

A large billboard has gone up in the Iranian capital, calling Israel “weaker than a spider’s web” following the Islamic Republic’s drone and missile strike on Israel on April 13.

Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles on Israeli territory on April 13, saying the attack was a response to Tel Aviv’s strike in its embassy compound in Damascus that killed seven military officers.

Although most missiles and drones were intercepted, and the few that reached the territories caused minor damage, Iran has been celebrating the operation as a game-changing victory.

A picture of Iranian-made missiles has been installed on an enormous billboard in a key square of Tehran that often displays content related to the Islamic Republic’s positions.

The poster bears the words “honest promise”, a term that Iran uses for its operation against Israel.

Iranian officials have been prophesying the fall of the Israeli government in the fight against Palestinians, especially after war began in Gaza on October 7 against the militant group Hamas, which it said supports but doesn’t fund.

After the attack, the Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, also posted on the social media network X, formerly Twitter, that Al Quds, the Muslim name for Jerusalem, “will be given to Muslims and the Islamic world will celebrate the freedom of Palestine.”

On the night of the firing, several dozen impromptu small celebrations by regime supporters occurred in Tehran's Palestine Square in honour of the firing of rockets. 

Many in the Iranian capital avoided the streets, fearing an Israeli counterstrike.

Fears for many in the Iranian capital are still raised as Israel said it would hit Iran in return for the attack.

Speaking with several people about the events following the Iranian attack, Bne IntelliNews learned that many are carrying on their daily business but with added anxiety. 

Alireza, 42, Taxi Driver: "I support the banner in Valiasr Square because it shows our strength and unity against threats to our nation. Every day, I drive past and feel a sense of pride. We need to show that we are not afraid and stand strong in our beliefs."

Mina, 50, Retired School Teacher: "Our country has always been under threat, and this banner is a small way to remind us of our resilience,” she said.

The retiree added, “It's important for our young people to understand and remember the sacrifices we've made for our sovereignty, but I am afraid they don’t understand how much they (foreign powers) want to hurt us."

However, several more people were more nervous about seeing the large poster on the main square in downtown Tehran, fearing it would provoke a worse reaction from Tel Aviv and the West.

Sara, 28, University Lecturer: "This banner is just provoking more tension and does not reflect the peaceful spirit of many Iranians. It's placed in one of the busiest squares, where people from all walks of life pass through, and it sends a hostile message. We should promote peace and dialogue, not aggression."

Parvaneh, 42, Engineer, said, “Oh my gosh, that is a picture of their crazy mind. What we expect from the government is totally different from what they are doing,” she said, adding, “And nobody is happy with them.”