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Displaced from Karabakh watch reconstruction process with hope, concern

Heydar Isayev of Eurasianet October 6, 2022

Azerbaijani IDPs are eager to return home. But they are uncertain about how their new lives are going to look.

Armenia’s Pashinyan, Turkey’s Erdogan set for unprecedented face-to-face Prague meeting

Ani Mejlumyan in Yerevan October 6, 2022

Encounter is “huge” says analyst. However, hopes for a breakthrough in resolving Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict are low.

Mongolia consumers feel weight of inflation as food prices rise

Michael Kohn in Ulaanbaatar October 5, 2022

Each morning, food distributor Suren Bat-Tur goes to the Bars wholesale food market in Ulaanbaatar to purchase produce for resale. Lately, the mushrooms, coriander, tomatoes and other grocery items he buys have hit eye-watering prices.

Central Asians targeted in Russia’s desperate mobilisation drive

Eurasianet October 5, 2022

Rights activists insist Central Asian labourers are being conned.

Georgia’s border clogged with thousands of Russians fleeing the Kremlin’s mobilisation

Mack Tubridy in Stepantsminda on the Russian-Georgian border September 29, 2022

After Vladimir Putin escalated the war in Ukraine with a mobilisation order, thousands of Russians are trying to enter Georgia to avoid being drafted and sent to the front lines in the war in Ukraine.

More pain stored up for Emerging Europe in 2023

bne IntelliNews September 29, 2022

Government efforts to shield populations from the energy crisis and rampant inflation have shifted the economic impact to next year, says the EBRD as it downgrades GDP growth forecasts for 2023.

PANNIER: In Turkmenistan, new president maintains course into the abyss

Bruce Pannier September 28, 2022

Serdar Berdimuhamedov, the head of state who rarely smiles, has also given his country little reason to do so.

Kazakhstan shows generous side amid Russian stampede, but tensions are rising

Aida Kadyrzhanova in Almaty September 27, 2022

Pressure to accommodate draft dodgers makes it difficult for a country that nationalists in Russia have targeted with veiled threats over claims to northern territories.

Kazakhstan offers Europe chance to kick its Russian uranium habit

Aida Kadyrzhanova in Almaty September 26, 2022

Obstacle to hopes is Russia’s ownership of 40% of world's uranium conversion infrastructure, vital to making nuclear fuel.

Azerbaijani offensive leaves Armenia shaken

Neil Hauer in Sotk September 23, 2022

The attacks marked the first time in the three-decade conflict that such heavy fighting has taken place on the territory of Armenia itself.

Russian media airing increasingly Armenia-sceptic narrative

Ani Mejlumyan of Eurasianet September 23, 2022

Armenians could usually rely on favourable coverage from the media of its strategic ally. Following another escalation, that no longer seems to be the case.

PANNIER: As Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan descend into another border war, there’s no-one to stop the fighting

Bruce Pannier in Prague September 17, 2022

Though Russia has offered to mediate, a feeling prevails among some parties that the Kremlin is supportive of Tajik strongman Rahmon.

Could Mongolia host a China-Russia oil pipeline?

bne IntelliNews September 17, 2022

Russia proudly unveiled plans in 2019 to build a second natural gas pipeline to China, this time traversing Mongolia. As the EU drives to sever all energy ties with Russia, Moscow now appears to be pushing for an oil pipeline too.

For Armenians, CSTO is missing in action

Ani Mejlumyan in Yerevan for Eurasianet September 16, 2022

The Russia-led security bloc is supposed to oblige members to come to one another’s defence. But its response so far to Azerbaijan’s attack on Armenia has been anaemic.

Kazakhstan: Police locate sense of humour, drop case against satirist

Almaz Kumenov for Eurasianet September 16, 2022

Most visitors to the Instagram account are aware it is not a news website.

Amid global energy crisis Balkan states reach out to energy-rich Azerbaijan

Fuad Shahbazov in Durham September 15, 2022

With the deepening energy crisis in the West triggered by Russia's intervention in Ukraine, European countries including Bulgaria and Serbia are eyeing alternative suppliers for additional natural gas volumes.

Kyrgyzstan: Kumtor, cloak and dagger

Eurasianet September 14, 2022

Since Kyrgyzstan seized the gold mine last year, it has been the source of constant scandal.

Junked American cars do a roaring business in Georgia

Giorgi Lomsadze of Eurasianet September 13, 2022

When cars die in the U.S., they often find a second life in the Caucasus.

Kazakhstan: Political reset or more old-style authoritarianism?

Joanna Lillis for Eurasianet September 13, 2022

The president promises reform, but don't expect political pluralism.

Campaigners push for rethink of road through Georgia’s historic Khada valley

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow September 11, 2022

Opponents of the road project backed by IFIs say it will lower residents’ quality of life and make Georgia more vulnerable to its northern neighbour Russia.