E-shops' sales in Czechia increased by 17% to CZK135bn in 2018

E-shops' sales in Czechia increased by 17% to CZK135bn in 2018
Sales in Czech online-shops up by 17% in 2018
By Nelly Tomcikova in Prague January 7, 2019

Sales in Czech online-shops boomed in the strong pre-Christmas season and expanded by 17% to CZK135bn (€5.26bn) in 2018, according to data from the largest e-commerce platform Heureka.cz and the Association for Electronic Commerce (AEC), the Czech News Agency (CNA) reported on January 6. The largest growth was recorded in the food category, which grew by half (52%) year-on-year.

“Due to exceptionally favourable weather, 1H18 recorded a smaller growth, followed by successful end of the year at 17% growth y/y. The Czechs have been breaking records in e-shops again. The most was spent on electronics, particularly Apple iPhone 7, followed by other iPhone models, as well as Huawei P20 Lite,” said head of Heureka.cz Tomas Braverman.

“Customers are increasingly ordering online goods from categories that were significantly less sold on Internet in the past. We believe growth will continue at a similar pace in 2019,” AEC CEO Jan Vetyska added.

According to the GfK FutureBuy study, Czechs are the leaders among European countries in online shopping for technical consumer goods, CNA reports. 39% of Czech consumers buy household appliances online, 38% in shops.  

The number of e-shops on the Czech market increased by 3,000 to the current 43,500 in 2018.