Volume of uranium production in Kazakhstan is stabilizing.

By bne IntelliNews October 5, 2011
After a sharp increase - more than three times in four years - the volume of uranium production in Kazakhstan will stabilize at about 20thsd tons per year in order to avoid lowering the world price of uranium products, reports Fox Business with reference to the director for strategic development and international projects Kazatomprom Sergei Dara. According to him, if prices remain at current low levels, the production of uranium in Kazakhstan will remain at current levels. At the same time, the country can still increase production to 25thsd tons per year - about 40% of global production - provided that such amount is demanded by the market. As reported, In Jan-Aug, uranium extraction reached 12,284 tonnes. Thus the national atomic company Kazatomprom has enhanced its 2011 forecast of uranium extraction in Kazakhstan to the level of 19,900 tonnes, which is up by 15% compared to the previous prediction for 2011 at the level of 19,600 tonnes. To remind you, Kazakhstan extracted 17,803 tonnes of uranium in 2010.

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