Quality of life in Czechia higher than in the US, Deloitte study says

Quality of life in Czechia higher than in the US, Deloitte study says
The quality of life in Czechia was up 2 places to 24th according to a survey, overtaking the US which is ranked 26
By bne IntelliNews September 19, 2019

The quality of life in Czechia has overtaken that in the US, according to a new survey from Deloitte in cooperation with NGO Social Progress Imperative.

The Czech Republic ranked in 24th place from a total of 149 countries surveyed in terms of quality of life, up 2 places y/y and putting it slightly ahead of the US, according to the survey, as cited by the Czech News Agency (CNA) on September 18. The US ranks 26th on the list. 

Although the Czech Republic moved up in the ranking, in terms of points it did slightly worse. In International Index of Social Development the country gained 84.36 points out of 100, compared to 84.66 last year. The Czech Republic has made most progress especially in economic indicators.

The country has long maintained a good position in basic human needs. The indicator of nutrition and basic medical care improved by one place, while the indicator of shelter slightly worsened. Improvements can be seen also in fundamental human rights, individual freedoms and access to higher education. 

In contrast, the Czech Republic posted a downward turn in the quality of the environment and in access to information. “Even the richest countries have weaknesses they have to address. We should be concerned that personal rights indicators are falling. Even in the US, the cradle of democracy,” said Deloitte Chairman Josef Kotrba.

Norway ranked first, followed by Denmark and Switzerland. The worst quality of life is reported in Chad, the Central African Republic and South Sudan.