Play the "cut & paste geopolitics" game

By bne IntelliNews April 10, 2014

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Bored? Here is a little game to play while you are waiting for lunchtime. Read the commentary below, released this week by US think-tank Stratfor, and then insert words from the provided list in the XXXX in the text to work out which country is being referred to.  

[Clue: the conclusion should be a giveaway.] 

islands in East and South China seas

The US and XXXX react to shifting balance of power in Eastern XXXXX
April 8, 2014

XXXX military officials have made very public "frank" statements regarding U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's visit to XXXX. 

Vice Chairman of the XXXXX Military Commission said in an April 8 press conference with Hagel that he had carefully listened to the secretary's comments abroad and that he was "dissatisfied" with Hagel's remarks regarding XXXXX activities in Eastern XXXXXX. 

XXXX Defense Minister emphasized XXXXX sovereignty over the disputed XXXXX, saying that XXXX would not give up its claims or tolerate any infringement on its territory. 

The message to Hagel was intended to reflect XXXX confidence in its abilities and to reiterate that the relative balance of military power in the region is changing. In other words, the United States should stop trying to prevent XXXXX emergence as a regional power and adjust its posture and policies to the changing reality of the region.

There is indeed a change underway in the relative balance of power in Eastern XXXX. XXXX naval and air forces may not be able to truly rival their US counterparts, but in the XXXXX their capabilities are expanding, and this necessarily has begun to erode the existing power structure. 

During his visits Hagel highlighted XXXXX actions as destabilizing and suggested that XXXX aggressive attempts to alter the status quo are undermining stability and security in Eastern XXXXX…. 

Changes in the number of ships and aircraft, as well as the frequency of their missions and the scope of their activities, will necessarily bring them into contact more frequently with the ships and planes of surrounding nations and of the United States.

Both XXXX and Hagel presented a preferred solution to avoid the risk of confrontation: greater engagement and cooperation. 


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