New Serbian parliament inaugurated amid protests by opposition MPs

New Serbian parliament inaugurated amid protests by opposition MPs
Opposition MPs held up placards in the assembly in protest against the conduct of the December elections. / Marinika Tepic via Twitter
By Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje February 6, 2024

The National Assembly of Serbia held the inaugural session on February 6 confirming the mandates of 250 MPs, amid protests by opposition lawmakers.

The December general election delivered another victory for President Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), but opposition parties have challenged the results, claiming irregularities both at national level and in the Belgrade municipal elections. The conduct of the election has also been criticised by international observers including from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODHIR). 

From the start of the session, there were protests by opposition MPs. Members of the Serbia against Violence list blew whistles and held up banners. The parliamentary benches featured prominent displays of banners declaring "Cancel the elections" and "You stole the elections”.

MPs from the Serbia against Violence coalition and the NADA coalition took the parliamentary oath in the hall of the Serbian parliament, saying they did not want to take the oath with people who break the law every day and for whom the words of that oath mean nothing.

The president of the People's Movement, Miroslav Aleksic, said that the opposition will do everything to cancel the elections and, as he said, to normalise the situation in the country, because they believe that the mandates do not reflect the will of the citizens.

President of the ruling SNS Milos Vucevic criticised the behaviour of the opposition in the parliament, pointing out that they entered the assembly as a result of the elections. 

The session took place after the state election commission formally approved the report detailing the outcomes of the elections held on December 17, 2023. The report shows that 18 electoral lists took part in the elections and 10 of them won parliamentary mandates.

The list dubbed Aleksandar Vucic - Serbia must not stand still was confirmed as the leader in the election, securing 129 mandates. This translates to a 46.75% of the share of the vote.

The Serbia against Violence list follows closely, earning 65 parliamentary mandates with the support of 23.66%. The Ivica Dacic - Prime Minister of Serbia list, backed by 6.55% of voters, also secured representation in the parliament with 18 deputies.

The NADA coalition's list, with support of 5.02% of voters, will have 13 parliamentary mandates.

Branimir Nestorović's list We - the voice of the people captures 13 deputies, garnering support of 4.69%.

Additionally, five minority lists have gained seats in the parliament.