Ireland and Norway recognise Palestine on ‘historic and important day’

Ireland and Norway recognise Palestine on ‘historic and important day’
Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris makes historic announcement recognising Palestine. / bne IntelliNews
By bne Gulf bureau May 22, 2024

Ireland is to formally recognise the state of Palestine, Prime Minister Simon Harris announced on May 22.

The Irish Taoiseach made the announcement on the steps of the Irish government saying the country is joining Norway and Spain in making the historic move to recognise the Palestinian State.

“Today, we state clearly our unambiguous support for the equal right to security, dignity, and self-determination for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples,” said Harris.

"Recognition is an act of powerful political and symbolic value," he added whilst not denying the rights of Israel.

The Taoiseach said he was confident other countries would now follow the move taken by Ireland, Spain and Norway in the coming weeks.

Despite the Irish government’s stance, Israel recalled its ambassador to Dublin, accusing Harris and the Republic of undermining its sovereignty.

“I have instructed the immediate recall of Israel’s ambassadors to Ireland and Norway for consultations in light of these countries' decisions to recognize a Palestinian state”, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on social media platform X.

He added “The Irish-Norwegian folly does not deter us; we are determined to achieve our goals: restoring security to our citizens, dismantling Hamas, and bringing the hostages home. There are no more just causes than these.”

Israel’s official residence in Dublin has no official markings and is known to keep a low profile, according to people locally.

The Palestinian ambassador to Ireland, Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid, thanked the Irish state for its formal recognition of the territory, speaking with RTE radio she said the announcement was “positive and emotional.”

“I think it’s the time, it’s not just symbolic; it’s a recognition of our rights, of 13 million people, of Palestinian people to self-determination, and to live in peace and security in a sovereign state. That acknowledgement of recognition is highly welcomed by the Palestinian leadership. And, of course by all the Palestinians.”

Spain intends to follow Ireland’s lead in recognising Palestine, speaking with MPs in congress on May 22, Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sánchez, announced his coalition would recognise Palestine on May 28.