Berlin Energy Forum to hold its inaugural event on May 21

Berlin Energy Forum to hold its inaugural event on May 21
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By IntelliNews Press Release Service April 17, 2024

The Berlin Energy Forum will hold its inaugural meeting at 4pm on May 21 in Berlin “The Great European Energy crisis: drones, price caps and shadow fleets.”

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The distinguished panel of the leading experts in energy will discuss the remake of the world energy business and its impact on Europe’s energy markets.

Sanctions on Russian oil exports and the dramatic fall in direct gas deliveries to Europe have redrawn the energy map. Moreover, the war in Ukraine has led to a direct attack on Russian refining capacity that could affect the oil products market. The West has imposed sanctions on oil that has largely failed to starve the Kremlin of income but it has completely changed where and how oil products are produced and sold.

What impact will this have on European economies? Can sanctions be made to work? Why is the Russian economy still flourishing and how long can that last? Is Russia’s shadow fleet sufficient to remain a major player in the international oil market?

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Chris Weafer, the founder and CEO of Macro Advisory and former head of research at multiple Moscow-based investment banks, cut his analyst teeth in the Middle East as an energy analyst before working as the head of research at most of Russia’s major investment banks – both local and foreign-owned.

Christof Ruehl, Senior Research Scholar at the Centre on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University, and the former chief economist at both BP and the World Bank in Moscow is likewise a vertan of Europe’s energy markets.

Benjamin Hilgenstock is the senior economist at the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) and head of the team researching the impact of sanctions on Russia’s oil trade and budget.

The conference moderators are Ben Aris, editor in chief and founder of IntelliNews and nuclear scientist Tom O’Donnell, a global fellow of the Wilson Centre and advisor to the German, Polish and other governments on energy issues.

The inaugural event is free of charge and will also be streamed online here. (Click the link and turn on a notification now!)


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