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Reflections from our correspondents on the ground in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Romania.

BALKAN BLOG: Beset by protests, Serbia's Vucic turns to the people

March 27, 2019

President Aleksandar Vucic has confirmed that Serbia will hold snap elections, but rather than a submission to protesters’ demands for an early vote, this is a favourite tactic of the Serbian president to reinforce his position.

BALKAN BLOG: Protests with staying power

March 17, 2019

It has been another weekend of political drama in three Western Balkan states.

BALKAN BLOG: Waiting for North Macedonia to be born

February 11, 2019

Now that the Greek parliament has ratified the Nato accession protocol with Macedonia, the authorities in Skopje now have to start the complex process of renaming the country and slowly but surely reshaping its fragile identity.

BALKAN BLOG: Serbia’s Vucic walks the line between Russia and the West

January 16, 2019

As he prepares for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit, Aleksandar Vucic is playing a seemingly perfect balancing game.

BALKAN BLOG: Protests over murdered man turn into ticking bomb for Bosnian stability

January 14, 2019

Bosnia has been in political crisis since the October general election, and protests seeking justice for a murdered young man in Republika Srpska threaten its stability.