Average Russian bribetaker is educated and diligent

Average Russian bribetaker is educated and diligent
Russia's bribe-takers are generally hard working and entrepreneurial people, a study by the General Prosecutor's office found
By bne IntelliNews December 6, 2018

Despite the popular image of being greedy and power-hungry, the average Russian bribe-taker is an active, energetic, and entrepreneurial person, a study by the Academy of the Prosecutor General’s Office cited by Vedomosti daily on December 6 claims.

The data for the survey was gathered from the "interviews" with people convicted for corruption, although more details were not disclosed. An average profile is that of a 40 year old man.

The bribe-takers interviewed by the to-be prosecutors are reportedly purposeful, sociable, stress-resistant, hardworking, able to control themselves, and ready for teamwork. They generally have a higher education, a permanent residency, family and kids. They are not prone to bad habits such as abusing alcohol or drugs. 

Notably, low income has been the main motivation for bribe-taking only for the third of the respondents. Others were driven for the need for self-affirmation, corporate solidarity and even revenge on team leadership.

The tolerance for corruption is one of the main enablers of the crimes: over 60% of the respondents believe that their superiors knew about the crime but didn't do anything to prevent it or disengaged. Despite that, the bribe-takers themselves admit that corruption is the second worst problem impeding Russia's development (versus 9th place for general population).