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ISTANBUL BLOG: Funny my arse

November 30, 2019

Trump comes up with a lame Turkey pun. Erdogan comes up with F-16 warplanes in the skies of Ankara as target practice for his newly acquired Kremlin missiles.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Officials scrub out NPLs as Baron Jim ticks off Turkey bashers

November 28, 2019

Red ink turns to invisible ink but it would be unpatriotic of any Turk to shift uncomfortably in their seat as the president has let it be known that policy rates and inflation will soon fall into single digits and will stay there.

ISTANBUL BLOG: The Turkish ‘moustaches’ that no one dare singe

November 21, 2019

Scheme to boost ‘foreign’ participation in state lira bonds latest device in efforts to convince onlookers Turkey’s economy will soon once more be rocketing away. Turkey, say the Turks, “is a funny country as long as you’re not a citizen of it”.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Imamoglu, redeemer of hope for Turks, to debut on global finance stage in London

November 13, 2019

New phase of the ‘fairytale’ for opposition politician elected mayor of Istanbul with the strategy “Ignore Erdogan and love those who love Erdogan”.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Turkey’s divergence from economic realities continues apace as state banks cut corporate rates right on cue

October 31, 2019

National lender lowers its inflation expectations to match those of Erdogan administration. Governor warns against creating perception that unexplained things are occurring in country’s monetary operations.