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ISTANBUL BLOG: Turkish central bank chops policy rate (for “central bank” read “Erdogan”)

July 25, 2019

Lira holds steady after easing decision with global factors in its favour but no-one in their right mind should believe the government’s economic logic or data anymore.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Unstoppable?

March 20, 2019

Erdogan’s ‘Potemkin village’ mega infrastructure tour roars back into view. President’s AKP party not quite fearing election extinction event in Ankara, but the word is their candidate is in trouble.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Storm clouds gather over Turkish economy

October 4, 2017

There’s a new nervousness among analysts when it comes to Turkey’s prospects. The torrid September experienced by the country’s stock market, the depletion of its credit guarantee fund and sticky double-digit inflation are causing disquiet.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Can Turkey shake its addiction to soft credits?

August 17, 2017

More than 80% of Turkey’s $71bn credit guarantee fund has been used up in just nine months, leaving analysts wondering whether the strong growth in stock market valuations and the wider economy can be maintained.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Kilicdaroglu's "Justice March" leaves Turkish opposition at a crossroads

July 13, 2017

The CHP leader does not seem to have a road map to challenge President Erdogan, and the opposition parties all want to go in different directions.