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ISTANBUL BLOG: Erdogan takes down three more MPC members

October 14, 2021

Yet another late-night decree from the presidential palace.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Markets search in vain for logic as Turkey cuts rates

September 23, 2021

All but one of 23 surveyed economists said central bank wouldn’t do it, but it did it. Baffling ‘Erdoganomics’ pulling strings in the background. Hyperinflation may lurk around corner.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Paris Agreement ratification becomes a no-brainer for Erdogan

September 22, 2021

President faces an election by 2023 and millions of Turkish teenagers who will vote for the first time know their country has just been through a summer of climate change hell.

ISTANBUL BLOG: ‘Core’ blimey guvnor

September 12, 2021

Turkey’s monetary policy chaos has deepened following a strange presentation by the central bank chief. Analysts are scrambling to update their expectations.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Turkey’s official inflation – nothing if not a head-scratcher

September 5, 2021

Erdogan ‘gets it wrong’ again. Statistical authority says inflation in August moved up to 19.25%. Work of academics implies rate is actually 49%.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Latest monumental folly from Erdogan to deliver the ‘Turkish Pentagon’

September 2, 2021

Flat broke Turks will be thrilled to hear of mammoth defence HQ that will “instill fear in enemies and trust in allies”.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Revisiting jihadism and why it’s ‘next stop, China’

August 25, 2021

US exit from Afghanistan is brewing up a Salafi storm in which Turkey’s Syria militants could play a role.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Turkey ups growth forecasts to more than 8%

August 21, 2021

The Turkish authorities' predictions for growth are becoming more and more bullish and unbelievable.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Erdogan’s field is economics. All bets on Turkish inflation are off

August 18, 2021

It may have been irresistible market realities that prevented the central bank from fulfilling the president’s idiosyncratic demands for summer rate cuts. But will the dam break?

ISTANBUL BLOG: Nato training for Afghans in Turkey gives off a “Syria” odour

August 14, 2021

Fresh wave of migrants from Afghanistan crossing Turkish border will, meanwhile, only add grist to the mill of Europe’s populists.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Reduced to tossing bags of tea, Erdogan’s having a bad wildfire crisis

August 2, 2021

Turks stunned to find country has no firefighting planes. Presidential aide appears tone deaf as he gripes #HelpTurkey campaign is meant to make the state look “incapable”.