The Russian billionaire who became a double enemy of the state

Ben Aris in Berlin February 13, 2024

“The fate of Russian businessman Arkady Volozh is more than just astonishing. It's actually illogical.”

PANNIER: Russia the loser as wider world of migrant work opens up to Uzbek citizens

Bruce Pannier February 9, 2024

Germany, South Korea and Israel look to Uzbekistan to fill 160,000 or more job vacancies. Tashkent likely keen to diversify sources of remittances.

LONG READ: Voters prepare to punish North Macedonia's ruling SDSM for broken promises

Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje February 9, 2024

Shift back to nationalist VMRO-DPMNE over SDSM's controversial concessions to North Macedonia's neighbours and domestic policy failures.

Tucker Carlson gives Putin a platform to justify his war in Ukraine

Ben Aris in Berlin February 9, 2024

US journalist Tucker Carlson gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a platform to lay out his justification for attacking Ukraine and clashing with the West that was posted on the ex-Fox News commentator’s X channel on February 8.

How the Mongolians punch above their weight in military diplomacy

Antonio Graceffo in Ulaanbaatar February 8, 2024

Mongolia leverages unique heritage of armed forces to build bridges with nations as far away as US and India.

Russia's oil revenues in January higher than from before the war

bne IntelliNews February 8, 2024

Russia’s budget earned more money from oil taxes in January 2024 than it did in January 2023, Ministry of Finance (MinFin) reported on February 7.

Russia reports a painful RUB308bn deficit in January, but nowhere near as bad as the RUB1.7 trillion deficit in January 2023

Ben Aris in Berlin February 8, 2024

When the January 2023 Russian federal budget deficit numbers came out this week a year ago a collective cheer went up from Western analysts: they were disastrous.

Azerbaijan’s Aliyev re-elected president

Seymur Mammadov in Baku February 8, 2024

Snap presidential elections were held in Azerbaijan on February 7, at which the incumbent president, Ilham Aliyev, claimed victory. According to preliminary results, he received over 92% of the votes.

One United sees strong growth potential in 'hidden gem' Romania’s property market

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow February 7, 2024

CEO Victor Capitanu tells bne IntelliNews pent-up demand in residential and office sectors will fuel growth in coming decades.

OFAC “smart sanctions” target turbine lubricants and additives in an effort to stop Russian military production

Ben Aris in Berlin February 7, 2024

Two days before Christmas the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) quietly released new sanctions on an esoteric product group: turbine lubricants. But these "smart sanctions" could bring Russian industry to a standstill.

The EU joins the global transport competition, proposes a Trans-Caspian Transport Corridor

Ben Aris in Berlin February 6, 2024

The global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, rising tensions between China and the West and the increasingly fractured world has forced the global economy to remake its major transport routes. Now the EU is getting in on the game.

Is Tajikistan’s succession saga any closer to the end?

Eurasianet February 5, 2024

Rustam Emomali is increasingly the face of his country on the international stage.

Tense election week as Kremlin mulls anti-war presidential candidate’s application

Ben Aris in Berlin February 5, 2024

It is a tense week for Russia’s presidential elections as the Kremlin mulls over a decision on allowing the surprise star of the show Boris Nadezhdin application to run in the race, the only candidate to openly oppose the war in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s conflict enters a third phase: the drone war

Ben Aris in Berlin February 5, 2024

In the first months of the war in Ukraine it was the highly mobile hit-and-run teams wielding the US-made shoulder-launched Javelin tank-killers that dominated the fighting.

LONG READ: Will economic wrecker Erdogan let the technocrats fix Turkey?

Will Conroy in Prague February 4, 2024

Country badly needs to trigger major foreign capital inflows. For that to happen, global investors will need further convincing that the meddlesome president will largely stay out of policy making on the economy.

Russian banks earn $33bn in 2023, the most profitable year on record

Ben Aris in Berlin February 2, 2024

Russian banks ended 2023 with a record RUB3.3 trillion ($33.3bn) in profits (adjusted for dividends), up by about half from the 2021 result, the last year of normal operations, according to the Central Bank of Russia (CBR).

The Middle Corridor set to halve cargo transit time between Asia and Europe

Seymur Mammadov in Baku February 1, 2024

As Russia experiences the impact of sanctions and restrictions in trade and economic relations with a number of countries, Central Asian countries and China are exploring new routes to increase their exports to Europe while bypassing Russia.

Euro becomes a political tool in Kosovo sparking international backlash

Clare Nuttall in Glasgow January 31, 2024

Kosovo is under mounting pressure to scrap a decision to make the euro the only legal currency for daily transactions.

Orban set to compromise on EU's Ukraine financing deal

Tamas Csonka in Budapest January 31, 2024

Amid both threats and signs of flexibility from the EU, the Hungarian premier is expected to drop his veto of the €50bn package.

Czech economy struggles to shake off stagflation

Robert Anderson in Prague January 30, 2024

Czech inflation – currently the highest in the EU – is likely to remain above the central bank’s target for the whole of this year, limiting the room for rate cuts, says veteran economist Pavel Sobisek.