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Russia strikes Kyiv Oblast with "Kamikaze" drones from Iran

Dominic Culverwell in Berlin October 5, 2022

‘Kamikaze’ drone attacks were reported 80 km from Kyiv in the city of Bila Tserkva on the night of October 4. The drones are allegedly part of the Iranian-made Shahed series, which Russia has used on the battlefields since September.

Georgian MPs want to rid the country of oligarchs, but not all of them

Mack Tubridy in Tbilisi October 4, 2022

Ruling Georgian Dream party says founder Bidzina Ivanishvil will not fall under new planned bill.

Iran’s supreme leader blames US, Israel for unrest in first comments on protests

bne IntelIiNews October 3, 2022

Joe Biden issues statement saying he is "gravely concerned" at reports of an "intensifying violent crackdown on peaceful protestors".

OPEC+ makes 2mn bpd cut, angering the US

bne IntelliNews: Editorial desk October 3, 2022

Months of badgering by Western leaders counted for nought this week as OPEC+ announced a 2mn bpd quota reduction that serves to bolster prices and cover up issues raising production.

Armenia reacts with outrage to another video of apparent Azerbaijani war crimes

Ani Mejlumyan in Yerevan October 3, 2022

In the video Azerbaijani soldiers are apparently executing six Armenian POWs during its invasion on September 13-14.

Anti-regime protests enter third week in Iran

bne IntelIiNews October 2, 2022

Media struggles to paint reliable picture of evolving events amid internet blackouts deployed by officials. Generation Z most prominent in unrest.

Iran hits Iraq-based Kurdish backers of anti-regime protests with ‘kamikaze’ drones, artillery

bne IntelIiNews September 28, 2022

Activists supporting street demonstrations say “there is a belief that something is going to change this time”.

Taliban sign deal to buy Russian oil, gas and wheat

Ben Aris in Berlin September 28, 2022

Agreement marks regime’s first international economic deal. Moscow eyes economic corridor through Central Asia and Afghanistan to South Asia.

Iranian football hero angers officials by backing anti-regime protests

bne IntelIiNews September 27, 2022

Government will be anxious to avoid any such sentiments from hugely popular Iranian soccer squad preparing for Fifa World Cup in Qatar.

Protesters take to Iran’s streets for 10th night but situation obscure as regime moves country offline

bne IntelIiNews September 25, 2022

President says unrest will be dealt with “decisively”. Observers say many Iranians have lost their fear of “brutal regime”.

Ukraine slashes ties with Iran in protest at drones supply to Russia

bne IntelIiNews September 24, 2022

Move comes after Ukrainian military claims to have downed four Iranian-made “kamikaze” unmanned aerial vehicles.

Iran’s ‘Amini’ protests taking on form of popular revolt

bne IntelIiNews September 23, 2022

Unrest that started as a demonstration against enforcement of compulsory hijab has become uprising against whole existence of Islamic Republic, say some observers.

Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan warn citizens not to sign up to fight for Russia in Ukraine

bne IntelIiNews September 22, 2022

Warnings issued after opening of Moscow military recruitment centre for foreign citizens amid Putin’s announcement of partial mobilisation.

Death toll grows in Iran’s ‘Amini’ protests as fears mount of violent security crackdown

bne IntelIiNews September 21, 2022

Unverified claims of death of boy, 16, from bullet to heart shot by security forces.

Iranians take to streets for fifth day in protests over ‘hijab’ police death of Mahsa Amini

bne IntelIiNews September 20, 2022

Three confirmed killed as angry crowds demonstrate against country’s morality patrols. UN Human Rights Office says it has seen verified videos in which officers slap women in the face and strike them with batons.

Wave of protests driven by anger at ‘hijab’ police death of Mahsa Amini breaks out in Iran

bne IntelIiNews September 19, 2022

Unverified social media claims of large-scale unrest in several cities, with security forces sometimes overwhelmed and members of Basij paramilitary volunteer militia beaten.

Baku angered by Pelosi's comments about its 'illegal and deadly' invasion of Armenia

Cavid Aga in Baku, Ani Mejlumyan in Yerevan September 19, 2022

"Pelosi's baseless and unfair accusations against Azerbaijan are unacceptable," says Azerbaijani foreign ministry.

Russian stores stocking up on Iranian Coca-Cola

Daniel Rad in Dublin September 18, 2022

Arrival on market of what’s being dubbed “Aya-kola” comes as shock to shoppers in Russia looking for “The Real Thing”.

Tens of thousands displaced as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan conflict rages on

Eurasianet: Ayzirek Imanayileva&P. Leonard, Kamila Ibragimova September 16, 2022

Around 120,000 people evacuated from homes in area of Kyrgyzstan where fierce fighting is ongoing. Heavy exchanges of gunfire and shelling.

Woman who died after ‘hijab’ arrest by Iran’s morality police buried amid protests

bne IntelIiNews September 16, 2022

Chants of ‘Death to the dictator’ heard as Mahsa Amini, allegedly beaten by officers, is laid to rest. Authorities appear to throttle internet.