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Russia's leading petrochemical plant Sibur saw revenues down in 2019, but profits up and plans on track for long term growth

Ben Aris in London February 25, 2020

Russia’s leading petrochemical producer won’t hold its highly anticipated IPO this year, or even next year, but despite tough market conditions this year the outlook for the company remains bright

Market interventions: the case of the US sanctions on Russia

Ben Aris in Berlin February 25, 2020

The use of sanctions to pressure countries has become the go-to foreign policy tool but the economic repercussions are still not well understood and new sanctions on Russia by the US could backfire.

Belarus emerges as Europe's leading high tech hub

Vladimir Kozlov in Moscow February 18, 2020

Best known as “Europe’s last dictatorship”, Belarus has a secret. Over the last decade it has grown a blossoming high tech industry that earned the small northern republic nearly $15bn last year – as much as Russia earns from arms exports.

SEMrush to SEO success

Ben Aris in Berlin February 18, 2020

BRICKS & MORTAR: Russian real estate ready for takeoff in 2020

Ben Aris in Berlin February 18, 2020

Investment into Russia’s real estate sector surged in 2019 as the market finally turned the corner and brought the crisis years to a close.

Russia becomes a safe haven in an increasingly turbulent world

Ben Aris in Berlin February 17, 2020

International investors used to worry about geopolitical Russia risk, but the fiscal fortress Putin has built now makes Russia's capital markets look like a safe haven.

Ukraine's bank sector profit triples in 2019 as the sector gets on the path to sustained recovery

Ben Aris in Berlin February 17, 2020

Profits in Ukraine’s banking sector tripled in 2019 to hit UAH59.6bn as of December, as a full recovery of the sector is now well underway.

"Westlessness" dominates the discussion at the Munich Security Conference

Ben Aris in Berlin February 16, 2020

The West has lost the initiative to illiberal powers like China and Russia that are now acting on their own, according to the "Westlessness" report produced ahead of the Munich Security Summit.

Russia’s utility sector set to rally in 2020 as reforms progress

Ben Aris in Berlin February 15, 2020

After a very strong rally Russia’s stock markets have been hit by fears of a global coronavirus epidemic and collapsing oil price. The market has given up all its gains, but not so the utilities sector which is up 16% YTD.

US Treasury Department accuses Russian tycoon Deripaska of laundering money but offers no evidence

Ben Aris in Berlin February 14, 2020

Sanctions placed on companies belonging to magnate appear based on a short, flimsy error-strewn memo, full of hearsay and almost entirely dependent on unreliable press reports.

Trust in Putin continues to fall, numbers in on PM Mishustin for first time

Ben Aris in Berlin February 14, 2020

Independent pollster Levada Center finds confidence rating in Russian leader has almost halved in past two years to 35%. But his personal popularity remains at an impressive 68%.

Russia’s CBR switches tactics from prudence to stimulation

Ben Aris in Berlin February 10, 2020

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) has switched tactics from running a prudent monetary policy to a more aggressive attempt to stimulate economic growth following its February 7 decision to shave another 25bp off the key monetary policy rate to 6%

#bneTech: OneWeb’s big satellite launch at Kazakh cosmodrome steps up race with Bezos, Musk to offer high-speed internet “everywhere”

Kanat Shaku in Almaty February 7, 2020

UK company has Soyuz rockets deal and $1.7bn backing from Airbus, Coca-Cola, Virgin, Qualcomm and Softbank to deploy global network.

INTERVIEW: Russia's Phosagro fertiliser producer goes green

Ben Aris in Berlin January 30, 2020

Leading Russian fertiliser company Phosagro was in Berlin in the middle of January to attend the Green Week and promote its ecologically friendly fertilisers as Russian corporates increasingly embrace the need to go green

Russian banks finish 2019 with clear profits and steady growth

Ben Aris in Berlin January 29, 2020

The crisis that Russian banks suffered in 2014-2016 is well and truly over as the sector had its second full year of clear profits in 2019, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) reported on January 28.