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Liberty Steel's financial crisis is just the latest blow for CEE's steel industry

Robert Anderson in Prague February 28, 2024

The woes of Liberty Steel's mills also reflect the struggle of former Communist Central and Eastern Europe’s once mighty steel sector to remain competitive.

World Bank says Emerging Europe needs tougher targets to reach net zero by 2060

Aidą Kadyrzhanova in Prague February 22, 2024

New World Bank report charts path to net zero energy in Emerging Europe and Central Asia, but says current ambitions are too modest.

Opponents look to Constitutional Court and Brussels to block Slovakia's criminal justice reform

Albin Sybera February 20, 2024

Some observers believe the EU is not yet really focussed on Slovakia or may try to avoid getting into another battle over the rule of law, which has already blighted its relations with Hungary and Poland.

Children's home crisis threatens very foundation of Orban regime, say analysts

Tamas Csonka in Budapest February 14, 2024

Hungarian strongman accused of "hiding behind the skirts" of his female minions.

Orban set to compromise on EU's Ukraine financing deal

Tamas Csonka in Budapest January 31, 2024

Amid both threats and signs of flexibility from the EU, the Hungarian premier is expected to drop his veto of the €50bn package.

Czech economy struggles to shake off stagflation

Robert Anderson in Prague January 30, 2024

Czech inflation – currently the highest in the EU – is likely to remain above the central bank’s target for the whole of this year, limiting the room for rate cuts, says veteran economist Pavel Sobisek.

wiiw projects brighter 2024 for Emerging Europe

bne IntelliNews January 30, 2024

Vienna-based think-tank expects growth to get back on track this year, but warns of risks from a Trump victory in the US and escalation of fighting in Ukraine or Gaza.

OUTLOOK 2024 Central Europe

Robert Anderson in Prague January 25, 2024

2023 was a good year for centrist parties in elections in Central Europe and the Baltic states, particularly given the dire economic environment and worrying geopolitical picture.

OUTLOOK 2024 Poland

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 24, 2024

Poland is in for a year even more tumultuous than 2023, as the new government headed by Donald Tusk will attempt a number of ambitious reforms, some of which at least will be torpedoed by President Andrzej Duda.

Rightward shift expected across EU in May European Parliament elections

bne IntelliNews January 24, 2024

ECFR report indicates strong performance for anti-European populist movements across much of the EU, including Visegrad Four states.

OUTLOOK 2024 SE Europe

bne IntelliNews January 23, 2024

Following a challenging 2023 marked by energy and inflation crises triggered by the conflict in Ukraine, the economies across Southeast Europe are poised for a modest rebound in 2024.

Russian sanctions boomerang effect means a year of stagnation for Europe in 2024

Ben Aris in Berlin January 18, 2024

The boomerang effect of the Russian sanctions on the EU member states is having a mixed impact. Germany, France and Italy are worst affected as the pain from the changes in energy and input supplies impact their economies, dragging them down.

Orban and Fico herald new era in Hungarian-Slovak relations

Albin Sybera January 18, 2024

But it is still unclear how far Fico will go in supporting Orban on Ukraine.

Poland set for tumultuous year as Tusk and Duda lock horns

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw January 16, 2024

The problem for the Polish premier is that restoring the rule of law requires the removal of PiS placemen in key positions, some of whom were appointed in a judicially improper way, but whose removal will also require judicially dubious methods.

How exposed is the EU to the fragmentation of the global trade regime?

Ben Aris in Berlin January 2, 2024

How exposed is the EU to the fragmentation of the global trade regime? An IMF study takes a deep dive into the problem.

Poland’s new government faces an uphill struggle

Wojciech Kosc in Warsaw December 11, 2023

Poland has only begun to emerge out of an economic slowdown brought about by Russia’s war in Ukraine and the energy crisis that followed it.