“Ukraine will win!” Boris Johnson states as he speaks to Ukrainian Parliament

“Ukraine will win!” Boris Johnson states as he speaks to Ukrainian Parliament
By Cameron Jones in Kyiv May 4, 2022

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reaffirmed Britain’s support for Ukraine during his virtual visit to the country. On May 3 Johnson addressed the Verkhovna Rada and stated that Ukraine will win the war against Russia. He described Ukrainians as having busted the “myth of Putin’s invincibility through their patriotism and love for their own country.”

However, Putin does remain in the south and the east of the country, he said. He added that Russian soldiers no longer have the excuse that they “don’t know what they are doing”, as they may have had during the early days of the war. Johnson then accused Russian soldiers of committing war crimes in the areas that they control.

Johnson signalled that the UK is ready to provide further support in the form of weapons, money and humanitarian aid in the short term, while its long-term goal is the strengthening of Ukrainian security to the extent “no one will dare attack them again.”

Britain has been one of Ukraine’s staunchest supporters both before and during the war. The UK has already sent ship-killing Harpoon missiles to Ukraine that have already arrived in the port city of Odesa. The UK will also cut tariffs on all goods from Ukraine to zero under the UK-Ukraine FTA, with the tariff measures being a “part of broad UK economic support to Ukraine, including GBP1bn [$1.27bn] in loan guarantees”. Many British fighters have also gone to Ukraine to fight with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including Aiden Aslin, who was captured by Russian forces during the Siege of Mariupol.

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