UBN: Russia could take the Baltic states in 48 hours

UBN: Russia could take the Baltic states in 48 hours
If it wanted to, Russia could take control of the Baltic States in 48 hours. The land is flat and the three capitals are a short drive from Russian and Belarusian military bases. / bne IntelliNews
By Andrew Pryma of UBN in Kyiv March 21, 2024

This is for those who think Putin will not attack Nato countries. If you look at the map I attached above, the Baltic states could fall within 48 hours. Russian forces must only make an offensive push for 250km to cut the Baltic states from Europe.

From Belarus to Russian territory (the Kaliningrad region) is only a two-hour drive or four hours by BMP or tank. By connecting Kaliningrad and Belarusian territory, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia will be cut off and surrounded by the enemy. What is the evidence that this will happen?

Russia and its ally Belarus are already in full swing, preparing their infrastructure for an attack on the three Baltic states. The Kaliningrad Military District, which will specifically target the Baltic states, has been revived. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov recently announced the transfer of additional army units to the northwest of Russia. He said this was in response to the expansion of Nato in parts of Finland and Sweden.

Foreign Policy magazine very authoritatively wrote that Russia sent tactical nuclear missiles to Belarus, literally only dozens of kilometres from the borders of Nato countries. That is, Russian-made tactical nuclear missiles will be stationed in Belarus very close to the Polish and Lithuanian borders. Do not forget, Russia continues to produce thousands of drones monthly.

In addition, the small town of Oshmyany in Belarus is located 12km from the border with Lithuania, right on the highway that leads from Belarus to Vilnius. There is also a railway connection. There, the 19th special assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Belarus is being unloaded with some ammunition and equipment from the railway. Belarus and Russian forces are building a field camp that will become the deployment base for this same brigade.

From Oshmyany to the center of Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, is only 50km on an excellent highway. From Vilnius to the border with Russia in the Kaliningrad region, there are still 200km, that is, 250km total, that the Russian army needs to cover to cut off the Baltic states from the rest of the Nato countries, at least by land, that is, from Poland.

Do you remember how the Russians started building up their forces along the Ukrainian borders? This is what they are doing along the border between the Baltic states, which is three times smaller than Ukraine. Here is the same situation, but two years later.

Russia’s possible invasion routes of the Baltic States map