Trump, Erdogan & Halkbank—John Bolton memoir throws focus back on curious events

bne IntelIiNews June 18, 2020

Controversy obscured by sheer number of other issues surrounding US president. New book says it should have been centre-stage.

Turkey’s amended competition law will spook investors by exposing data and trade secrets to officials say critics

bne IntelIiNews June 17, 2020

Turkish Industry and Business Association describes legislation as posing huge commercial risk. But government says powers are needed to identify cartels.

Europe and Nato’s Libya nightmare outcome would leave Russian and Turkish military bases staring across the Med

bne IntelIiNews June 16, 2020

Ankara reportedly discussing lasting military presence with Tripoli ally. Russia has flown fighter jets to desert sites controlled by rebel forces.

Turkey’s card payments pick up in first ‘post-lockdown’ week but poll finds most Turks again see economy as biggest problem

Akin Nazli in Belgrade June 16, 2020

Private banks bow to government demand to delay consumer debt repayments. Economic recovery fragile. Tourism revival a struggle as Moody’s downgrades Turkish Airlines.

TURKEY INSIGHT: Debt scales tip in virus-hit April as nearly million Turks take out first ever bank loan

Akin Nazli in Belgrade June 15, 2020

Data on financially hellish month also shows 38,000 used a credit card for the first time and a ‘wide-scope’ unemployment rate of 39%.

No wonder Turkey’s in a hurry to open up its economy, latest economic data is catastrophic

bne IntelIiNews June 12, 2020

Industrial production fell by around a third and retail sales by a fifth in virus-hit April. Medics, meanwhile, say there’s no scientific evidence the first COVID-19 wave is over.

Turkey’s economic credibility is shot says Erdogan’s former economy czar

bne IntelIiNews June 12, 2020

Ali Babacan adds reputation needs restoring to secure FX funding required to guard against another slump in the lira. Also attacks government for pressure that he says results in official figures that people doubt.

Turkey to build gas pipeline to supply Nakhchivan

David O'Byrne for Eurasianet June 11, 2020

The move would sideline Iranian gas sales to the Azerbaijani exclave and help Ankara get back in Washington’s good graces.

Is Libya the new Syria?

bne IntelIiNews June 11, 2020

In brazen move, Russia flies squads of fighter jets to desert airfields after Moscow-allied rebel commander is pushed back by Turkish-backed forces in civil war. US now worried Kremlin might shape the conflict.

Emerging markets enjoying their strongest crisis bounceback ever

Ben Aris in Berlin June 11, 2020

Emerging markets (EM) stock markets are enjoying their strongest crisis bounceback ever, as coronavirus (COVID-19) infections stabilise and governments remove two-month-long lockdowns.

TURKEY INSIGHT: What gives? Lenders buy in negative real yields on inflation-indexed bonds to comply with asset ratio

Akin Nazli in Belgrade June 10, 2020

It’s rather that than lend to financial “zombies” in the face of Erdogan pressure.

Turkey fortifies imports wall a little more

bne IntelIiNews June 9, 2020

38 communiques in Official Gazette change tariff rates on 150 products. Desired fruits of import compression not visible in trade data yet.

Turkey’s deal to join Euroclear not greeted with unbridled enthusiasm

bne IntelIiNews June 9, 2020

Controversial Turkish market has become an irrelevance for many fund managers says analyst.

bne's Despair Index paints a mixed picture during the corona storm

Ben Aris in Berlin June 9, 2020

We have updated bne IntelliNews Despair Index, which better reflects what damage something like the coronacrisis does to the bottom half of society in the countries of New Europe. While the index has ticked up, the damage is limited so far.

Turkey’s public finances no longer “pillar of strength” they once were says Capital

bne IntelIiNews June 8, 2020

Debt-to-GDP ratio will continue to rise and, as investors demand a higher premium to hold Turkish sovereign debt, local currency bond yields will probably drift higher over coming years, analysis concludes.

ISTANBUL BLOG: Lenders warned to avoid dancing around amended asset ratio, but everyone’s dancing around something in Turkey

Akin Nazli in Belgrade June 7, 2020

The whole post-truth, and nothing but the post-truth.