Turkey continues to respond to Syrian mortars for fifth consecutive day.

By bne IntelliNews October 8, 2012
The Turkish military fired more artillery on targets in Syria after a mortar from the Syrian side landed in the grounds of a public building in the border town of Akcakale on Sunday, no casualties were reported. It was the fifth consecutive day of artillery fire exchange. Last week a mortar shell killed five civilians in the town of Akcakale. Also last week, following the deadly mortar attack, the Turkish parliament voted a government mandate that allows cross-border military operations. There are nearly 100,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey and the Syrian government is accusing Turkey of harbouring rebels and rebel leaders and allowing them to move in and out of the common border freely. PM Erdogan said over the weekend that Turkey did not want a war but it should be ready for war if necessary. Turkey responded and will continue to respond with determination to any action threating its security, Erdogan said. The question is whether the latest border skirmish may deteriorate into a wider conflict. Actually, the Syrian government is already having very difficult times controlling the insurgency within its own borders and a war with Turkey would be disastrous for the Assad regime. On the other hand, it is no secret that the Turkish government wants a new regime in Syria and supports the opposition. But also a unilateral military action against Syria without the support of NATO and Western powers or without the approval of UN may have serious consequences as Syrias allies Russia and Iran are firmly against any military intervention.
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