Slovenia’s cash-strapped Adria Airways suspends flights

Slovenia’s cash-strapped Adria Airways suspends flights
By Valentina Dimitrievska in Skopje September 24, 2019

Slovenian air carrier Adria Airways has suspended most of its flights for two days due to a lack of cash, it said on September 23.

This was announced after leasing company AeroCentury asked the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) to cancel the registration of a Bombardier CRJ900, which was the third plane used by the airline to be confiscated.

The flights will be suspended on September 24-25. On September 24, Adria Airways will conduct only the Frankfurt-Ljubljana flight and the next day will operate a Ljubljana-Frankfurt flight.

“The company is at this point intensively searching for solutions in cooperation with potential investors,” Adria Airways said in the statement, adding that the goal of everyone is to make Adria Airways fly again.

Since 2016, Adria Airways has been in the hands of AA International Aviation Holding, a subsidiary of the German fund 4K Invest, which has been criticised for some time over sudden flight cancellations.

Adria Airways has been facing financial trouble with years. In a more recent development the management said that it needs €4mn to continue operations, but the Slovenian government refused to inject fresh money into the company.