Saddam-era Iraqi howitzers get delivered to Ukraine

Saddam-era Iraqi howitzers get delivered to Ukraine
Saddam-era Iraqi howitzers allegedly on their way to Ukraine. / bne IntelliNews
By bne Gulf bureau April 27, 2024

Weapons once belonging to Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein’s regime are now being delivered to Ukraine via the Baltic Sea, according to reports from Austrian and Latvian sources on April 25.

Photos surfaced online showing 122mm Gvozdika and 152mm Akatsiya howitzers, their desert camouflage a dead giveaway of their origins after the military equipment was sold on a UK private military site called Tanks-a-lot this past month, bne IntelliNews can reveal.

Just how the tanks made it to Latvia and what the source was remains to be seen, but the destination is most certainly known.  However, what we do know is that these cannons saw action during the bloody Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, belching hellfire on the orders of the moustachioed maniac After Saddam's downfall, the guns fell into the hands of the US and British coalition forces, who failed to disarm and destroy them properly and ended up shipping them back to Europe.

Now, in a twisted tale of reincarnation, these Gvozdika Akatsiya howitzers are being trucked into Ukraine to continue the fight against the very manufacturer of weapons. 

It is worth noting that the units of the Kyiv army lose self-propelled howitzers every day, whether modern or even old, from those produced in the Soviet era and that it is getting harder to source similar equipment on the open market.

In this way, the partners of the Kyiv regime are trying to compensate for the significant shortage that the Ukrainian army is facing in artillery weapons.

Russia launched an intense barrage in January designed to run down Ukraine’s stocks of these missiles before further intensifying the barrage in March when it appeared the tactic was working.

One person wrote on X, formerly Twitter, "Things are not going well if you have to resort to pulling Iraq's leftovers from storage to keep delaying your defeat", while 'David D' noted, "If this is true this is a shame that museums are being cleared out. displays are for reminding the public of the sacrifices of troops in past wars...I hope that after the conflict Ukraine sells the vehicles back on the open market to refill the wests museums again."

In the last month Ukraine lost 7 GW of power generation and the country’s two biggest power plants – Trypilska that serves Kyiv and the Dnipro Hydropower plant – have been destroyed and won’t be repaired this year. Ukrainians are facing a cold and dark winter this year as a result.

Germany has sent Ukraine two more Patriot batteries and promised one more, but Patriots are also missing from the US list of new materiel on its way to Ukraine.

Berlin is leading the effort to scrounge up more Patriot missiles for Ukraine, but all the other European countries that have them (Spain, France, Poland, Romania, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Greece) have refused to part with the system, afraid of undermining their own security.

Meanwhile, Washington has previously sent stocks of Iranian infantry weapons and more than 500,000 rounds of ammunition that were seized more than a year ago as Iran was shipping them to Houthi forces in Yemen, the US previously announced, Reuters reported.