Russia ready for nuclear war, warns Putin

Russia ready for nuclear war, warns Putin
Putin speaks to Dmitry Kiselyov on Russia 1 / Kremlin
By bne IntelliNews March 14, 2024

Russia is technically ready for a nuclear conflict with the West, President Vladimir Putin has claimed in an interview.

Speaking to Russia 1, a state-run television channel, Putin emphasises that while a nuclear confrontation is not imminent, Russia is technologically prepared for this potential scenario.

"From the military-technical point of view we are, of course, ready,” he said. “[The US is] developing their components. So are we. That doesn’t mean, in my view, that they are prepared to start this nuclear war tomorrow. If they are, what can we do? We’re ready.”

This proclamation was made just days before Russia's upcoming presidential elections, due to be held on March 15-17. There is no doubt that Putin will win a sixth year in term, but he has nevertheless begun a form of campaigning in an attempt to increase the turnout. 

The Russian head of state noted that the country has a very specific nuclear doctrine regarding their usage, stating that they would be employed "when the very existence of the state is under threat."

"Weapons exist in order to use them," he said.

Putin’s assertion that Russia is prepared for any potential nuclear conflict comes amidst constant speculation that Nato countries, including the US, may send troops to fight for Ukraine. According to the Russian leader, any deployment of American troops would be considered a significant move.

"The United States understands that if it deployed American troops on Russian territory – or to Ukraine – Russia would treat the move as an intervention," Putin stated.