Africa’s massive unbanked population creates huge opportunities for incumbent banks and fintech start-ups

Jason Mitchell November 16, 2023

Africa has the most profitable banking sector in the world and its massive unbanked population is creating enormous opportunities for incumbent banks and fintech companies alike.

COMMENT: Economic impact of Morocco’s earthquake will be limited

Ben Aris in Berlin September 12, 2023

The devastating earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday night has left a trail of destruction with an estimated 2,500 dead at the last count, in a death toll that is bound to rise further.

Powerful earthquake kills 2012 people in Morocco

bne IntelliNews September 10, 2023

At least 2,012 people were dead and 1,404 critically injured after powerful earthquake struck the historic city of Marrakech late on September 8, according to a statement from the Ministry of Interior.

Wheat, rice and El Niño: food security warning lights are flashing red

Ben Aris in Berlin August 1, 2023

Russia’s exit from the Black Sea grain initiative, India’s ban on rice exports and a “strong” El Niño expected in the second half of this year mean the global food security warning lights have started to flash red.

Putin at 2023 Africa-Russia summit: Wiping debts, donating grain and boosting co-operation

bne IntelliNews July 30, 2023

Russia and Africa can work together to protect national sovereignty and put an end to colonialism, Russian President Vladimir Putin told African delegates at the 2023 Africa-Russia summit in St. Petersburg.