Levada poll finds 75% of Russians supporting war

Levada poll finds 75% of Russians supporting war
Three-quarters of Russians support Putin's war, up by 3pp in the last month, according to a poll from the Levada Centre. / bne IntelliNews
By bne IntelliNews February 24, 2023

According to a new survey by the independent institute Levada Center, 75% of Russian said in January that they supported the actions of Russian military forces in Ukraine, Statista reports. (chart)

This support dipped to 72% in September around the announcement of partial mobilisation and again to 71% in December. When the war had just started in March, support had been at 80%.

The Russian state-controlled media environment explains why approval rating for Putin or the Ukraine war can stay so high despite the country now being extremely marginalised in the international community and enduring the hardships of sanctions and war mobilisation. Despite the surveys carried out by an independent researcher, many Russians may still feel under pressure to give a favourable opinion because of the system they live in. The Levada Center has in a release pointed out that, while surveys only show the behaviour people are willing to display publicly, survey-taking behaviour has not changed since the invasion. Some observers believe that war approval to actually be lower.

As part of the same survey, Russians were asked what feelings the news of the mobilisation caused in them. Fear was the most common answer given across all age demographics. The second most common answer varied by age group, however. Those above the age of 40 were also likely to feel pride in Russia, while those younger named shock as the second most common feeling in relation to the mobilisation, followed by anger.


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