Half of young Ukrainians living in Poland intend to return home after the war

By bne IntelliNews October 2, 2023

Half of young Ukrainians living in Poland ( 47%) intend to return to Ukraine after the end of the war, 19% plan on returning soon and 11% after a while, while 15% of the young people do not plan to go back at all, according to a survey conducted by the Rating sociological group and Info Sapiens has been published by the International Republican Institute, Ukrainska Pravda reported on September 29.

At the same time the sociologists established that 89% of young people surveyed aged 16-35 who live in Ukraine are hopeful about its future, while 81% of young people of the same age who have moved to Poland think the same thing.

Almost all (96%) of teenagers aged 13-15 who live in Ukraine and 87% of those who live in Poland believe Ukraine has a bright future. The young people living in Ukraine and Poland who took part in the survey, both are practically equally convinced Ukraine will win the war – 98% and 97% respectively.

Eight out of ten (79%) of young people in Ukraine would like to be involved in activities aimed at rebuilding the country, while only 19% would not. 83% of people aged 16-35 who live in Poland would also like to take part in Ukraine’s recovery.

Two thirds (65%) of young people aged 16-35 living in Ukraine would not like to move to another place. The main reasons why young people do not want to change their place of residence are satisfaction with their current place of residence (44%), family and friends (40%), sufficient financial security (20%), and patriotism (15%).

61% of the Ukrainian young people aged 16-35 who currently live in Poland have not been back to Ukraine since moving to Poland.

The sample in Ukraine consists of 1,417 young people aged 16-35, 502 children aged 10-12, and 525 children aged 13-15. These selections are representative of the Ukrainian population of the respective ages.

The sample in Poland consists of 100 respondents aged 10-12, 100 respondents aged 13-15, and 300 respondents aged 16-35.

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